Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 12 (3/4/07): Rome and Vatican City

Timeline of the day:
8am: walked to the bus stop
9am: reached Colosseum
10:50am: guided tour ends, took bus and metro towards the Vatican City entrance
11:35am: joined in the queue (I think this was the longest queue I've ever had)
1pm: finally entered Vatican Museum
3pm: exited Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum, walked to St Peter's Square
4:15pm: took train back to hotel
4:55pm: reached hotel
7pm: walked to dinner at nearby hotel
8:30pm: reached back to our hotel (raining)
9pm: cooked instant noodles

Spendings of the day:
Gelato: €2.50
Alf's sandwich: €3
Entrance fees to the Vatican Museum: €13 x 2 = €26
Postage stamps inside Vatican Museum: €0.80 each x 2 = €1.60
Postcards: €0.60 x 3 = €1.80
Vatican souvenir coin: €10

The station closest to Colosseum

Don't advise wearing heels

Another reason why its best not to wear heels in Rome

Queuing to enter Vatican City

Eating lunch while queuing

Lunch = gelato :)

There will be many people who try to cut queue.  Watch out for them.  A group tried to cut in front of us and I told them to leave the queue.

writing postcard while queuing

finally able to see the entrance of the Vatican Museum

Inside Sistine Chapel

Vatican postage stamp.

Mailing a postcard from within Vatican City.

Left Vatican City.

Swiss Guards at Vatican

Walking towards St Peter's Square at Vatican

1 side of the line = Vatican City, the other side of the line = Rome.

1 foot in Rome, 1 foot in Vatican City. :)

no man's land :)

St Peter's Square

1 of the postcards which I mailed here reached me in Singapore torn.  

2nd Gelato of the day

Trying to figure out how to get back to the hotel

Bus stops

Finally arrived back at hotel

Dinner at a nearby hotel...ahh...rice :)

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