Tuesday, April 10, 2007


o, where is Liechtenstein you may ask.  It is a small country located between Switzerland and Austria.  (see here for wikipedia entry)

It was a whirlwind stop for me at Liechtenstein on our way from Munich (Germany) to Luzern (Switzerland) during my Europe trip which is why this is such a short post.  Our tour group stopped over at the city centre of Liechtenstein for a lunch break so we only had about 2hrs here.
note the castle at the top is where the prince lives
Liechtenstein adopts the Swiss franc currency.  And since my next stop will be in Switzerland, so I converted some of my Euros into Swiss francs here.
a bus stop

we were writing postcards to send to ourselves...

given to us by the postal office to celebrate Easter Day


1 thing which most visitors to Liechtenstein do is to purchase the stamp chop on your passport.  It is not compulsory, however it would be nice to have it on your passport.  You can do so at their postal offices.  I also mailed myself a postcard as a souvenir and bought some chocolates for my coach ride.
I got my passport stamped here
oh yeah...and I bought these here too...to commemorate all the countries i've visited on my Europe trip.
in a typical souvenir shop

1 thing I noticed here is that there are interesting art statues on their walkways.
art on the walkway
And more...

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