Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 14 (5/4/07): Venice

Timeline for the day:
9:30am: set off
11am: arrive at Venice (after buying bus tix and boat ride) and went to see lace making and glass blowing.
12:45pm: free and easy
2:30pm: boarded gondola
3:10pm: alighted from gondola
4:15pm to 4:50pm: Burger King's
5:45pm: assemble and headed for our Contiki optional dinner
7:30pm: dinner ends
8pm: walk to jetty to take ferry
8:30pm: boarded bus to head back to hotel
9:25pm: arrived at hotel
9:30pm: used internet at hotel

Spendings for the day:
Bottled still water: €1
Pendent: €20
Lunch: 2 slices of pizza and 1 coke €9
Glass frames souvenirs: €30
Postcards: €1 (for 3)
Burger Kings: €9.70
Earrings: €3
T-shirt for my bear: €4.50
Frame for myself: €5
Venice magnet: €3

On our way...

taking ferry to Venice

chewing gums

Petrol station at Venice

and we are here :)

Bridge of Sighs

Pigeons pigeons everywhere

bird feed...

heading to see lacemaking

Glass making

hmm...i wonder what Jiawen is looking at :)




Police speedboat

Ambulance in Venice

speed limit sign for gondolas

Mozart's house

bought some glass frames


CHICKEN FRIES!!! 1 of my best meal in Europe (next to the Wiener Schnitzel I had at Vienna)

Our Contiki optional dinner

bought 1 of these for my grandfather for his fish tank

goodbye Venice...

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