Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 19 (10/4/07): Munich to Lucerne (via Liechtenstein)

Timeline of the day:
8:25am: set off
10:14am: crossed the Austrian border
11:15am: crossed the Liechtenstein border
11:30am to 1pm: explored Liechtenstein
1:20pm: crossed the Switzerland border
3pm: arrived at the cable car station
3:45pm: reached the top of Mt Pilatus
6:30pm: dinner time
2am: took photos of the stars

Spendings of the day:
12 countries iron-on patches souvenirs from Liechtenstein: CHF 49.50
postage stamp from Liechtenstein: CHF 1.80
stamp on passport: 2CF x 2 = CHF 4
postcard CHF 0.70
magnets: 8.50CF x 2 = CHF 17

Entering Liechtenstein

Streets of Liechtenstein
See more pics of Liechtenstein on my separate blog entry here.

Left Liechtenstein and entering Switzerland!

We are in Switzerland!

TM handing out swiss chocs :)

Everyone's taking photos of the breathtaking scenery along the way...

Beautiful swiss scenery along our drive to Lucerne

many sheeps



Luzern = Lucerne

Gonna take the cable car up Mount Pilatus

If you are heading up Mount Pilatus, do remember to note the timing of the last cable car that's leaving the summit or else you might get stranded.  
Unless you are staying at the hotel at the summit of Mount Pilatus like us :)  

view from the cable car ride up

playground halfway up to the summit

melting snow 

Had to change to a bigger cable car at the halfway point up Mt Pilatus

The final leg of the cable car ride...

I think this was like half of our tour group.  

The summit :)

And we are here finally.... The building at the end is an old hotel.

Snowball fight

Our room at the newer of the 2 hotels at the summit of Mt Pilatus.  We stayed here for 2 nights. :)

The view from our room window. God I miss this place...

Souvenir shop at our hotel

Linda :)

Bellevue hotel - the newer hotel at the summit of Mt Pilatus where we stayed.

The long flight of steps leading up to an even higher spot.  Got short of breath while climbing this due to thin air...

Snowball fight again

The view of Lucerne from the very very top.

The top :)

Melting snow...

The 2 hotels at Mt Pilatus :)

No...I didn't forced him to do this :)


Making beer stay cold

Bird poops

The older hotel

I wonder how did this mountain goat managed to reach here.

Ice cold beer. 

Dinner place at our hotel. 

This is one of the nicer Contiki meals I had.



We have this photo made into a wallpaper for a wall in our home.  And no, I didn't do any post-pro editing on this photo at all.  It's straight from my compact camera.

4 degrees C

Internet terminals

Check out the constellations taken by my compact camera.  Can you spot Orion constellation?? :)
 We were darn lucky to get a clear skies that night.  The stars looked so close to us that if felt as if we could touch them if we just reached out for them.  And we can actually see the stars twinkling too.  
Alf and Zhoushang spent quite a long time out in this open pathway taking pics of the stars in the middle of the freezing night.  Me?  I couldn't take the cold and had to escape back into the hotel after 15mins when I couldn't feel my ears and nose. 

Night view of Lucerne.

Supper in room :)

One of the best days of the entire trip. 

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