Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 3 (25/3/07): London

Timeline of the day:
9am - rise and shine, ate breakfast in room, wrote postcard, watched telly (Britain's TV shows are so interesting)
12:15am to 1pm:  went to a nearby internet terminal.
1pm to 2:30pm: a leisurely walk from Russell Square to city centre
2:30pm to 3:10pm: Lunch at a Japanese Restaurant (Zipangu)
3:10pm to 5pm: walked to Westminster area
5pm to 5:30pm: took Tube from Westminster to Russell Square
6pm to 6:20pm: went to the Contiki Tour HQ (at the basement of Royal National Hotel) just opposite our hotel for a pre-tour briefing.
6:30pm to 7:15pm: dinner of beer battered Fish and Chips at Bedford Hotel cafe 
8pm: back to our hotel

Spendings of the day:
Stamp booklet: £1.92
Lunch at Zipangu (teriyaki chicken set, katsu-don set): £13.40
Dinner at Bedford Hotel (fish and chips x2, coke x2): £15.30
Postcards x 2: £1.18
Iced Bun: 88p 

breakfast...bought from the previous night from a nearby supermarket

food on radiator to warm them up :)
food outside our window to keep it cold :)

My bear who goes wherever I go.


this photo taken from inside the Jap restaurant

Finally...a decent Rice meal!! Katsu Don!

Lunch place

Other people taking photos of the Big Ben

i think we might see similar signages at our Singapore MRT stations soon... :)

Oyster card.  Works kinda like the Singapore EZ link card.

back to hotel...

Text on postcard:
Woke up around 8plus, but since I had to wait for my camera batt to finish charging, so we ended up going out around 11am.  Went internet terminal to send emails, then we walked to Bloomsbury and ended up at Chinatown.  Ate lunch @ Zipangu! Yum Yum!  Then we walked to Big Ben and then went back Russell Square in time for Contiki Meeting.  Had dinner at Belford Hotel Cafe (Beer Battered Fish).

We had our breakfast in bed this morning.  I know what picture you are painting in your mind when I write that.  No, it is not the multi-course breakfast served on a tray which you take while still sitting in bed.  We bought muffins and buns and ate them on the bed, literally.  No guild was felt when we got crumbs on the bed.  We simply brushed them OFF the bed.  I remember going to the hotel lobby to ask about the internet access charges.  £1 for 15mins... "Rubbish" I thought to myself.  I went out of the hotel and found a small internet place offering £1 for 60 mins, 50 meters away.

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