Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 8 (30/3/07): Nice

Timeline of the day:
8:45am: wake up
9:30am: breakfast
11:30am: set off to explore.
1:15pm: lunch
2:25pm: finish lunch
4pm: back to hotel
7pm: dinner (optional Contiki dinner)
8:30pm: back to hotel
9:30pm: cooked supper (instant noodles which we brought with us from Singapore) in room
10pm: watched Naruto on our portable harddisk player while eating supper

Spendings of the day:
postage stamps: €2.55 (€0.85 each)
postcard: €0.50
kinder bueno: €2.81
lunch: €11 (2 pizzas)
Meringues: €1.20
Mineral water: €0.70
Coke: €3

view from our room window

view from our room window

breakfast room at the hotel

Rue Alfred Mortier

Either I'm really tall, or the traffic light is really short.

I love taking pics at foreign supermarkets

these wasn't available in Singapore in year 2007.  

how they separate different customer's items at the checkout station.

Lots of birds.  Large ones...

Meringue :)

The place where we had our lunch

Humongous tubs of Nutella!

Pet shop


tight parking

a typical french car after much "nudge parking"
Our hotel

supper :)

Our mobile "kitchen" :)

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