Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 5 (27/3/2007) Paris *contiki*

Timeline of the day:
7:30am: wake up call
9:10am: boarded contiki coach
9:45am: arrived at Eiffel Tower *free and easy for rest of the day*
10:30am: took lift up to 3rd level (top) of Eiffel Tower
12:20am: left Eiffel Tower, took a leisurely stroll
1:40pm: reached Arc de Triomphe
2:35pm: left Arc de Triomphe, had lunch at cafe along Champs Elysees
3:25pm: finished lunch, strolled down Champs Elysees towards Louvre
5:25pm: reached Louvre and took some pics from the outside since they are closed
5:35pm: left Louvre and headed towards Notre Dame
6:15pm: reached Notre Dame
7pm: bought crepe at a shop near Notre Dame
7:45pm: had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant...then walked around trying to locate the nearest metro station and ended up in the red-light district unknowingly...
9pm: took the metro (subway) back to hotel
9:45pm: arrived hotel, watched Independance Day movie on TV in french.

Spendings of the day:
postcards: €4.20
eiffel tower rivet, magnet, coin: €17.50
tickets to Louvre for the next day: €19.20 (x2)
entrance fees for Arc de Triomphe: €8 x 2 = €16
Arc de Triomphe souvenir coin: €2 
lunch at cafe along Champs Elysees: chocolate crepe, risotto, coke €26.20 
postage stamps: €0.60 x 5 = €3
Notre Dame souvenir coin: €2
nutella crepe from near Notre Dame: €3
hotdog from near Notre Dame: €3.50
dinner at chinese restaurant: €23.20

People queuing behind us

People queuing in front of us

can you spot Arc de Triomphe?

Yes.  I ran to the middle of the road to take this.

Flowers left for Princess Diana

place where Princess Diana had the accident

Paris streets are full of bird poop

Yes.  S$5 for a bottle of mineral water

We were standing around wondering how to cross the road to get to Arc de Triomphe until someone pointed out the underpass to us.  *sheepish*

Champs Elysees...taken from Arc de Triomphe

Toilet within Arc de Triomphe

Souvenir area within Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysees - taken from the top of Arc de Triomphe

The crazy round-a-bout

Most expensive glass of coke I've had

Alf wanted Rosti...but somehow mistakenly ordered Risotto instead...hahaha...
Chocolate crepe with ice-cream

McDonald's menu

Dogs everywhere

We had buffet dinner at a Chinese restaurant and we were surprised to find the food cold.  So we thought that it's maybe due to the cold weather so food turned cold fast...  So we each ate 2 plates of cold food...then we see long queues of people at the back of the shop.  They were queuing for the microwaves to heat up the food.  -.-  

eaten cold -.-
eaten cold too.  -_-

the microwaves
Dinner place
Red light district
Red light district

Red light district
Hmm...Kranji?  Then Yew Tee should be nearby?? :)

very very windy...

escalator leads directly from subway platform to the main streets

Alf's socks after a long day of walking... :)

Text on postcard:
We started our day up the Euffel Tower.  Misty morning but the view is still fantastic.  Then we went Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Louvre and the Notre Dame.  An interesting note I see is that they don't call Paris the City of Love for nothing...because I see couples kissing everywhere!  Even while crossing the road! Not just any normal kiss...French kiss!  Walked loads today...feet aching.  After dinner at a chinese restaurant, we somehow ended up walking thru some red-light district...nothing much though.  We then took the Metro back to our hotel (Porte de Saint Ouen station). Reached hotel around 9:45pm.  Watched ID4 (independence day) on TV in French.

Had croissants for breakfast in the morning in seemingly endless supply.  Went to the Eiffel Tower first and started queuing up for elevators going straight to the top (3rd floor) and work our way down.  We were glad we did so because there were queues for elevators goign up from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to Top as well as queues going down.  After leaving the tower, we went by the tunnel that Princess Diana had her car accident at and took some photos.  Then we walked to the Arc de Triomphe that Napolean had built for his soldier, then to the Place de la Concorde and finally the Musee du Louvre, finishing at the Notre Dame.  Lunch was had at Cafe Vesuvio along Champs-Elysees between Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde.

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