Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 6 (28/3/07) Paris to Lyon (via Fontainebleau)

Timeline of the day:
7am: wake up
8:05am: set off
9am: reached Louvre
11:10am: left Louvre
12:34pm: reached Fontainebleau
1:25pm: set off from Fontainebleau
3:30-3:50pm: service stop
6pm: arrive at Lyon
7pm: walked from hotel to old town
7:45pm: arrived at old town
8:10pm: had dinner at a French restaurant
10:10pm: finished dinner
11:10pm: walked back to hotel

Spendings of the day:
sandwich (at Fontainebleau): €4
postcard: €1
dinner: €37.20 (Alf's set €15, Sam's fish meal €11.50, 2 cokes €3.30 each, Escargot €8.50 shared amongst 4 people making it €2.10 for Alf's share)
dinner tip €2

no phototaking allowed in the room where Mona Lisa is located...they had 5 museum guards standing next to this painting looking out for people with cameras, however I managed to sneak this shot standing between 2 tall guys and without flash.

cleaning system

Our first group photo at Fontainebleau

service stop

service stop

our hotel at Lyon

view from our hotel room

Naruto :)

We had dinner with tourmates Zhoushang & Jiawen (both from Taiwan), and James (Malaysian living in Australia)

Chicken and Duck talking..
Amongst the 5 of us, only Alf had some knowledge of French (cuz he had some French class back in his poly days) so he was entrusted with the task of ordering for us.  However, menu was in French, waitress only know French, so we spent quite awhile trying to order.

Escargot.  Alf liked these.

Alf's Ice-cream from his Set meal....I ate it. :)
came across this place that have window displays of their miniature sets.




a smart car parks between 2 normal cars in a parallel parking lane.

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