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Japan (Mar 2013): Day 4 Tokyo to Kawasaki

Brief itinerary:
1100: Check out of Keio Plaza Hotel at Shinjuku, and say goodbye to other fellow prize winners and our interpreters. Will be travelling alone from this point onwards.
1200-1235: Taking local train from Shinjuku to Kawasaki (transfer at Shinagawa) (380yen)
1235-1240: Deposit luggage in bag locker at Kawasaki station (small hand carry bag only, since my large luggage was already forwarded to my Day 6's hotel via luggage courier services)
1240-1300: Quick lunch at small food court at Kawasaki station (380yen)
1305-1310: Take train from Keikyu Kawasaki station to Kawasaki Daishi station (130yen)
1310-1320: Walk from Kawasaki Daishi station to Kawasaki Daishi temple
1320-1430: Explore Kawasaki Daishi
1435-1440: Take train from Kawasaki Daishi station to Keikyu Kawasaki station (130yen)
1445-1500: Went to a Yodobashi Camera store near Keikyu Kawasaki station
1505-1600: Went to a Tokyu Hands store near Kawasaki station
1610-1700: Early dinner at Kani Doraku King Crab restaurant (2100yen)
1705-1745: Went to another Yodobashi Camera store near Kawasaki station
1800-1805: Picked up bag from locker, then took train from Kawasaki station to Tsurumi station. (150yen)
1820: Checked in APA Tsurumi Hotel (4500yen per night, total 9000yen for 2 nights)

My expenditures for this day:
- 1370yen: Luggage courier service to transfer my big luggage from hotel at Shinjuku to my Day 6's hotel at Minami Senju. Used a smaller handcarry bag for Day 4 and Day 5's 2 nights stay at Kawasaki.
- 380yen: Train fare from Shinjuku to Kawasaki station
- 300yen: Coin locker for my handcarry bag at Kawasaki station
- 380yen: Lunch at Kawasaki station (Fried rice + Gyoza)
- 130yen: Train fare from Keikyu Kawasaki station to Kawasaki Daishi station
- 370yen: 1 pack of senbei snacks from a shop near Kawasaki Daishi temple
- 500yen: 1 pack of peanut candy from a shop near Kawasaki Daishi temple
- 250yen: 1 cone of chocolate soft serve ice cream from a shop near Kawasaki Daishi temple
- 130yen: Train fare from Kawasaki Daishi station to Keikyu Kawasaki station
- 864yen: 3 pens from Tokyu Hands
- 2100yen: King Crab meal at Kani Doraku (Kani Karaage + rice)
- 1660yen: 2 packs of One Piece rechargeable batteries from Yodobashi Camera
- 160yen: 1 Original Glazed Donut from Krispy Kreme
- 150yen: Train fare from Kawasaki station to Tsurumi station
- 803yen: Snacks from Lawson's convenience store (2 bottled water, 2 cocoa drink, 1 choc snack, 1 pudding)
- 9000yen: 2 nights accommodation at APA Tsurumi hotel (single room with own toilet)

On this morning, we (the 7 of us award winners for the photo contest) checked out of the hotel at Shinjuku and said our goodbyes to each other, as well as our interpreters who have been such a help to us for the 4 days.

Since my bigger luggage is heavy (and I don't want to lug it around since I'm travelling alone for the rest of this trip) so I forwarded the luggage (via luggage courier services) from this hotel at Shinjuku to the hotel at Minami Senju at Tokyo where I will be staying for Day 6 onwards. This service costs me 1370yen. Therefore for my next 2 nights at Kawasaki (Day 4 and Day 5), I will only be carrying a smaller handcarry bag, which is easier for me to handle on my own.

Saying goodbye to the other award winners and also our interpreters.

From Shinjuku, it was just a short 35mins train ride to Kawasaki (transfer at Shinagawa station) via the JR Yamanote Loop line (Shinjuku to Shinagawa), and then the JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi line (Shinagawa to Kawasaki)..
Kawasaki is located at Kanagawa prefecture, just south of Tokyo, and is also between Tokyo and Yokohama.

Lunch at Kawasaki station. Fried rice and gyoza. 380yen.
 After lunch, it's time to head for Kawasaki Daishi temple, just a short 5mins train ride away from Kawasaki station. 
From the main Kawasaki station, just walk about 3mins to the nearby Keikyu Kawasaki station to take the 5mins Keikyu train ride to Kawasaki Daishi station. (130yen)

Arrival at Kawasaki Daishi station
 From Kawasaki Daishi station, just follow the street (shown in the pic below) to get to Kawasaki Daishi Temple. You will eventually have to make a right turn about 7mins into walking along this street.

Many Dragonball products sold at 7-11 since it's promo period for the new upcoming Dragonball film.

Turn right at this junction.

small street with candy stores leading up to Kawasaki Daishi temple

Kawasaki Daishi

Food stalls at Kawasaki Daishi Temple grounds

Bought a pack of peanut candy here. 500yen.

Handmade candies

 After leaving Kawasaki Daishi, I headed back to Kawasaki station area to do some light shopping at Yodobashi Camera (to look for One Piece rechargeable batteries) and Tokyu Hands.
Many pen casing designs at Tokyu Hands.
After Tokyu Hands, I went to a Yodobashi Camera outlet near Kawasaki station, and was surprised to see many collectible figurines, train sets...etc...being sold at top level.
Stuffs sold at this Yodobashi Camera

Stuffs sold at this Yodobashi Camera

Stuffs sold at this Yodobashi Camera

Stuffs sold at this Yodobashi Camera. These building sets are to supplement railway train sets. Cool right?!

These as well...


Disney collection

Disney collection

Trains! I think I have taken Tokyo's different train lines so much that I can actually recognise which train lines the various model trains here belongs to at a glance without reading the labels. I see Yamanote Loop line's train here (the green one), and the Shonan-Shinjuku line's train (the one that has double decked train cabin)

Pokemon mini figurines

Pencil cases

Pencil cases

Anpanman lovers will love this place too. There's 1 entire section dedicated for Anpanman products!

Well, back to searching for dinner.

105yen supermarket, just opposite Kani Doraku.   Most of the items costs 105yen

Yeah, only 105yen per pack.

Decided to beat the evening crowd so headed for the Kani Doraku restaurant (a restaurant specialized in King Crab cuisine) for early dinner. The restaurant building is just about 5mins away from Kawasaki station.

Kani Doraku

My table

2100yen. Kani Karaage + white rice
Since the Japan Photo Contest gave me some food vouchers, so after using a 2000yen voucher, I only technically paid 100yen for this meal. Heh. :)
Kani Karaage

 After dinner, it's time to go Tsurumi to check in to the hotel.
Tsurumi is just a short 3mins train ride from Kawasaki station.

The hotel for this night (and the following night) is APA Tsurumi Hotel. It was pretty far (about 8mins walking distance) from Tsurumi station, and costs about 4500yen per night for single private room (with breakfast).  This hotel also have capsule beds but it's only for for females, you will have to pay more to get single rooms like what I did. 
4500yen per night, so 9000yen for 2 nights.

The peanut candy (500yen) and senbei snack (370yen) bought from the shops near Kawasaki Daishi temple.

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