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Japan (Mar 2013): Day 7 Shibamata + Asakusa + Tokyo Station (Part 1)

Brief Itinerary:
0815-0825 Took train (JR Joban line) from Minami Senju station to Ueno station
0835-0935 Ueno Park
0943-1005 Keisei Ueno station to Shibamata station
1005-1045 Shibamata
1054-1110 Took train from Shibamata to Oshiage station (Skytree)
1120-1210 Lunch at a restaurant at Skytree building
1220-1225 Took train from Oshiage station to Asakusa station
1230-1310 Sumida
1330-1430 Kappabashi Street in Asakusa
1440-1500 Took the loop bus from Kappabashi to Ueno station
1505-1515 Took train from Ueno to Tokyo station
1515-1630 Character street at Tokyo station basement
1630-1640 Tokyo station to Ueno station
1640-1730 Dinner at Kani Doraku near Ueno station
1735-1830 Ueno Park
1845-1855 Took train from Ueno to Minami Senju station
1900 Arrive back at hotel

160yen train fare from Minami Senju to Ueno
250yen train fare from Keisei Ueno to Shibamata
180yen train fare from Shibamata to Oshiage
1680yen Tonkatsu lunch set
130yen train fare from Oshiage to Asakusa
100yen bus fare for the Loop bus from Kappabashi to Ueno station
150yen train fare from Ueno to Tokyo station
609yen Snoopy box
350yen Chopper sweet
630yen Miffy box
399yen Rilakkuma box
150yen train fare from Tokyo to Ueno station
2100yen Dinner at Kani Doraku
500yen Hello Kitty Doraemon taiyaki from Ueno park
150yen train fare from Ueno to Minami Senju
398yen fried rice supper from 7-11

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Originally wanted to wake up real early (like 6am) to go to Ueno Park, but somehow I overslept so ended up taking the train during rush hour in Tokyo. 

Let me say this, it was a BAD IDEA. 
Trains were so packed and since  I had a somewhat large shoulder bag for my DSLR, so when I alighted the train at Ueno, my body was already out of the train, but my bag was somewhat still stuck amongst the human jam in the train. Luckily eventually I was able to pull my bag out, but I think I used way too much force when I pulled, so I nearly fell. 
After this day, I planned my morning train journeys to absolutely avoid rush hour. Either taking the train before 7am or after 9am when heading from suburbs direction towards Tokyo city area. 

Anyway, it was about 0830hr when I arrived at Ueno Park. Hoping to avoid the crowds, but there's already quite a number of people already walking along this Sakura path.

Ueno Park, at 0830am on 20 March 2013

After Ueno Park, I headed for Shibamata. I first got to know of Shibamata when I read Danny Choo's blog when I was trying to search for lesser known towns in Tokyo.
Taking train from Ueno to Shibamata

Arrival at Shibamata station

Nice little shop selling old school toys and sweets

Erm, golden poo

Train arriving at Shibamata station

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