Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 6 Sanrio Puroland (Part 2)

Brief Schedule:
0838-0842: Tsurumi station to Kawasaki station
0844-0914: Kawasaki station to Noborito station
0922-0939: Noborito station to Odakyu Tama Center station
1005-1610: Sanrio Puroland
1621-1707: Keio Tama Center station to Shinjuku station
1715-1750: Dinner at Kani Doraku near Shinjuku station
1801-1822: Shinjuku station to Nippori station
1827-1832: Nippori station to Minami Senju station
1840: Arrival at hotel

My expenditures:
530yen: Tsurumi station to Odakyu Tama Center station
300yen: Bag locker at Odakyu Tama Center station
2700yen: Admission to Sanrio Puroland (with online discount coupon, usual price 3000yen)
1650yen: Lunch (My Melody lunchbox set + fried chicken and chips)
525yen: Cinnamon empty bento box
840yen: 1 My Melody plate + 1 Cinnamon plate
100yen: Bottle of mineral water
330yen : Keio Tama Center station to Shinjuku station
2100yen: Dinner at Kani Doraku (Rice with Kani Karaage)
210yen: Shinjuku station to Minami Senju station
398yen: Katsudon from 7-11
477yen: 1 bottle of water + 1 chips + 1 litre of cocoa drink + a bottle of Aquarius drink from supermarket
20200yen: Total 6 nights accommodation at Palace Japan Hotel (about 3300yen per night)

Sanrio Puroland: Part 1 / Part 3

Continued from previous post, I spent most parts of this day at Sanrio Puroland. 
Viewed 3 of the free performances (1 performance for the birthday kids, 1 main performance "Believe" which includes most of the Sanrio characters and Hello Kitty, and 1 performance by Cinnamon and friends).

Entrance to boatride, but I didn't go since I will need to top up to go on this using my park admission-only ticket.

A very large store selling Sanrio products. There are people who actually pay the 3000yen admission ticket to the themepark just to shop at this store.

People who don't want to buy the themed bento boxes with food from the cafeteria, you can buy the empty boxes here. Bento sets with food costs about 1000yen odd, these empty boxes costs about 500yen.

While waiting for the next performance to start, I decided to go grab my lunch.

Was pleasantly surprised to find Cinnamon at the cafeteria, posing for photos.

Select your food from the rotating trays

My lunch.

Total 1650yen.

Food for you to purchase home. (I think)

Another food store in Puroland. This is the Cinnamon Dream Cafe which sells drinks, donuts, and cakes.

Limited Edition sofa for sale.

A smaller store in Puroland, just next to Cinnamon cafe.

Bought 1 plate. 420yen.

Got 1 of this as well.  Also 420yen.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing all the interesting information about Sanrio Puroland! May I ask if you would still remember how much it cost to top up and enter the boat ride or the Hello Kitty House? I bought my pass from JTB at Ion and after reading your posts, I realised the pass I have purchased are most likely the Day passes and not the Passports. It would be helpful information for me to buffer some extra for the top-ups let's say if I may be keen to take the rides when I am there. Thanks in advance for your kind advice. Cheers, Huiling