Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 7 Shibamata + Asakusa + Tokyo Station (Part 2)

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After Shibamata, I took a train to Oshiage station located at Tokyo Skytree. 
Found a nice Tonkatsu restaurant there and had an early lunch.

Lunch set 1680yen

Wasn't really keen to go up Skytree (expensive and long queue), so I took a train to Asakusa and walked to Sumida riverside to check out the sakura over there.
Walking at Asakusa towards Sumida

 It was 20th March 2013 on this day, the Sakura at Sumida was just under full bloom. 

From Sumida, I walked towards Kappabashi street, where they sell kitchen equipment and supplies.
Lots of people walking from Sumida to Sensoji

Very crowded at Sensoji
 After quite a long walk (about 20mins) from Sumida, I finally arrived at Kappabashi.

There are also shops here which sells sample foods you see on restaurant display

 Can you believe all these are not real food? Looked so realistic. fav...Katsudon. Looks good enough to eat.

Shop selling ticket vending machines

This shop sells restaurant uniforms I assume
 Time to leave Kappabashi. No way I'm gonna walk all the way back to Asakusa station since my feet were already aching. Decided to take a loop bus from Kappabashi to Ueno station (100yen).

Ueno station

From Ueno station, I headed for Tokyo station for the Character Street at Tokyo Station's basement.

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