Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Japan Day 5 - Tokyo (1 Dec 2010) *part 2*

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 We continued to walk from Cat street towards Shibuya.  Ended up spending a couple of hours in a shop called Tokyu Hands where they sell loads of crafts, stationary, toys, household products..etc...

 We keep seeing these advertising trucks which blasts out the music of various artistes.

Spotted this interesting leave that's sprouting out from a tree trunk.

Entered Tokyu Hands. General Map of Shibuya area (and this shop) can be found here.

Cosplay uniforms
Toilet Paper

Puzzles...Fitting all the cat pieces into the pot.

More interesting puzzles

Sushi Puzzle

Blinking Eyes. Still dunno what they are for.

Humongous pudding

Lots of schedulers and organizers

DIY camera.  Too bad I don't understand the Japanese instructions that came with it, or else I'd have bought it.

Other DIY series

DIY Jewellery making packs

More stickers

Accessories for Bento craft.  Go ahead and drool, ladies :)  I had to really restrain myself from buying these since I know I am too lazy to make Bentos.

Lenses for iPhone

Camera straps

Lomo cameras

Handset for use with iPhone

Lenses for iPhone

More cameras... :)
Now you know why we spent so long in this shop. :)

Other entries for this day: part 1 / part 3

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