Saturday, December 4, 2010

Japan Day 8 - Sapporo (4 Dec 2010) *part 1*

1100: Meet up with Japanese friend (Yasutaka-san)
1130-1230: Ramen Lunch
1300-1540: Shiroi Koibito factory
1615-1700: Munich Christmas fair at Odori Park
1730-1850: Dinner at Kani Shogun
1915-1945: Shopping for supper at Daimaru

2550yen: Ramen lunch for 3 of us
???: Shiroi Koibito factory entrance fees
840yen: keychain
18005yen: Shiroi Koibito biscuits
6479yen: crab dinner at Kani-Shogun
425yen: KatsuDon from Daimaru basement
???yen: Cream puff from Daimaru basement
315yen: 3 croquettes from Daimaru basement
241yen: Donuts from MisterDonut

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1 of the main reasons why we go Hokkaido is to meet up with a friend of ours, Yasutaka-san.  We got to know each other while playing World of Warcraft and he's been my guildie for the past 3 years or so.  Those of you from our guild reading this will know him as our uber healer "Euph".  :)

We have never met on real life and this is our 1st time meeting up.  All I know is to meet him in front of our hotel at 11am and he will be the one driving a white car with license number XXXX.  So we kinda recognised his car first before realising that he is who he is. :)

1st stop of the day, RAMEN!! Yasutaka-san brought us to this place where his wife recommended highly.  It was really nice too.  Thank you Mrs Kiso for the recommendation :)
We arrived here early for our lunch to avoid the crowds since this place is very popular with the locals.

Shiroi Koibito Park
People who have visited Hokkaido will know about the Shiroi Koibito white chocolate biscuits.  Well, here is their factory and there's also some sort of mini museum and cafe here too.

our 1st sighting of snow...well...melted snow anyway.

You can buy tins with your face on it.

Follow the pawsteps...

toilet signs

saw this on the floor...

and this is a photography spot for tourists like us to take pics.

so we did.  Yes, that's Alf on my left holding a camera, and Yasutaka-san on my right.  

Check out the ends which they cut off to make the cake look neater

Lady with a sticky roller to roll off any dust particles off the guy's clothings.

Cafe with a nice view. Good way to spend a leisurely afternoon eating cakes and drinking coffee...which is what we did.

The view from the cafe

Erm..what "thing"?

Shiroi Koibito products.  The prices here are similar to what others are selling elsewhere throughout Hokkaido.

Check out the clear plastic covers over our paperbags.  Such thoughtful service.

Other entry for this day: Part 2

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