Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Japan Day 5 - Tokyo (1 Dec 2010) *part 1*

1025: left hotel
1030-1050: train from Shinagawa station to Harajuku station
1135-1210: ate lunch at Tenya at Harajuku
1220-1345: Cat Street
1430-1615: Tokyu Hands
1615-1745: Shibuya
1745-1810: Katsu Curry
1810-2110: Shibuya
2110-2225: Krispy Kreme donuts
1130: arrived back at hotel

1230yen: Tenya lunch (650yen for Alf's fish/scallop/prawn/veg Tempura set, 580yen for my Ebi Tempura set)
735yen: Miffy keychain
1200yen: Miffy gachapon
903yen: scheduler from Tokyu Hands
210x2=420yen: 2 erasable pens from Tokyu Hands
780yen: sandwich cutter from Tokyu Hands
600yen: Katsu Curry
1110yen: Krispy Kreme (3 donuts and 2 drinks)
480yen: Krispy Kreme x3 donuts takeaway

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First stop of the day, Harajuku.

Harajuku station

Takeshita Dori
 Takashita Dori is just opposite the Harajuku station.  It is a street with many shops selling clothing, accessories, fast food outlets, crepes and Daiso (100yen shop).

 We came across a Tenya outlet (I read on some other blogs that this brand serve very nice Tempura) so we decided to have an early lunch before the office lunch crowd comes out.

 Both of us loved the Tempura prawns.  Will definitely try again if we ever make another trip back to Japan.


 We walked down part of Omotesando and turned into a small lane called the Cat Street towards Shibuya direction. It's a small quiet street with boutiques and KiddyLand.

Temporary KiddyLand until 2012 I think
iphone covers sold in KiddyLand

Naruto products in Kiddyland

Shinobi shoes :)

Kakashi :)

I remembered reading Miffy books back when I was young.  It's not easy to find Miffy products in Singapore so I nearly went crazy when I saw this range of Miffy products being sold here at Kiddyland.  They even sell clothings for Miffy plush toys!!!

Snoopy clothings for Snoopy plush toys too!!

Help!! Elmo ate Hello Kitty!
Sanrio products .  

Pingu frying pan?!!

 I really love the way Japanese package their products.  I get tempted to buy them just for the packaging it comes in and not for the product itself.  As you can see, the shelves (in the above photo) are full of My Melody and Hello Kitty pouches and inside it are cookies or sweets.
 Ok, I think I kinda went abit crazy here on these machines.  Poor hubby was walking around the store waiting for me while I spent like more than SGD20 on these.

Cat Street

Shops on Cat street

Private houses in Cat Street

I love Van Houten Cocoa in Japan.  I drink this almost every day throughout my trip.

Narrow lane off Cat Street.


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