Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Japan Day 5 - Tokyo (1 Dec 2010) *part 3*

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 After Tokyu Hands, we continued walking around Shibuya, in search for early dinner.

Note the 3 guys with plushy animal heads.

The famous Shibuya crossing.  People everywhere!

Statue of Hachiko


During this trip, hubby have been looking for Krispy Kreme but he couldn't find.  But while walking long Shibuya, I spotted this outlet and hubby excitedly pulled me along and we had a very nice supper of donuts.
These are the yummiest donuts I've ever had in my life.


The normal glazed donut.  I LOVE this!

Hubby ate this..I forgot what is it.

They manufacture the donuts at the outlet itself

 Time to head back to our hotel at Shinagawa.  After stepping out of the station, hubby noticed this interesting "message" from the hotel opposite the station.  Can you spot it? :)  That hotel was kinda closed for renovations though.

What I bought.  Miffy keychain, mini scheduler, 2 pens with erasable ink, Winnie the Pooh sandwich maker
Some snacks we bought.  Loved the potato sticks and chips and Ramen.
Other entries for the day: Part 1 / Part 2

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