Thursday, December 2, 2010

Japan Day 6 - Tokyo (2 Dec 2010) *part 3*

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After Sylvanian Families theme restaurant, we walked around Lalaport shopping center for awhile.
A typical Japanese toilet with water sprays, flushing noise, toilet seat wipes...etc...

We spotted a Krispy Kreme at :)

The weird shape is because these are gonna be made into Snowman shaped donuts.

What we bought.

At Minami-Funabashi station waitin for our train back to Tokyo

Some of the food at Daimaru basement at Tokyo station

Alf bought 1 of these.  

Underground walkways at Tokyo station

Our dinner

Yum!! Taiyaki!

We (well, "I") spotted a Shonan Jump shop at Tokyo station and saw Naruto products :)

We would have wanted to spend more time here, however we decided to rush back to our hotel room at Shinagawa to catch the episode of Naruto which is supposed to telecast on this day.

Reached our room, switched on the TV...saw the ending credits of Naruto Shippuden :(

My loots :)
And thus ended our last full day in Tokyo since we will be heading for Hokkaido on the next day.

At this point of the trip, we reflected that both of us kinda preferred Kyoto than Tokyo since both of us don't like crowds.  It's really stressful alighting from a subway train and trying to decide which way to go whilst you see crowds and crowds of people walking by you everywhere.  You can't help but kinda feel like you are blocking the path while you are looking around for directional signs since the train platforms are really narrow on some stations.
Kyoto on the other hand, had loads of beautiful sights for us to photograph, and we could really take the time to frame and take our shots without people walking everywhere.

Other entries for this day: part 1 / part 2

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