Thursday, December 2, 2010

Japan Day 6 - Tokyo (2 Dec 2010) *part 2*

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Ok, for those of you who don't know me, my aunt and I have been a fan of the Sylvanian families (ok, for short, lets call it SF) for a long long time.  We have participated and won some SF houses display contests, and were also once being interviewed for our collection here in Singapore.  Personally, I've been to the SF shop in London, and the SF theme restaurant in Bangkok.  Am hoping to try to go to the SF theme park near Mt Fuji (called Grinpa) but the directions to go there is kinda vague since I don't understand Japanese.  So anyway, next best thing is to come to the theme restaurant in Tokyo.

There are 2 such restaurants in Japan.  Both are somewhat at the suburbs of Tokyo however this one at Lalaport seems to be the newer one (and the more accessible one, I think) so I decided to come here.


Cotton Rabbit standing at the balcony

 This restaurant serves Buffet style.  The food isn't fantastic, but then again, fans who come here is not for the food but for the experience. (well, and shopping).

Can't bear to eat these

 They have some sort of performance at certain intervals where they will sing and dance, and then walk round the restaurant and interact and allow you to take photos with them.

Bye bye!...and she heads back into her home.

Cup for the kids
The buffet area. 

 Since I spent quite a long time here, so I was able to catch a 2nd performance and to take a 2nd pic.

There is also a DIY cotton candy machine here.  Hubby had loads of fun with this.

The restaurant area.
The retail area.  Ok fans...go ahead and scream. :)

.....try not to faint..... :)

They even sell the display stands for the house

Bought a couple of these...

Bought 1 of these

Bought some of these too

...and these...although I don't think I can bear to use them.

Wallpaper for the house.  Cool, right?

Yes yes Susan...if you are reading this, I know you wanted this. 

No no...I didn't buy the whole box.  Hubby will kill me.  

What I spent on the products (5399yen) and what he spent on the food (3738yen)
It was dark by the time we exited from the restaurant.

Appreciate hubby for his patience for enduring this part of the day.  :)

I'm hoping to be able to go to the Sylvanian Families Theme Park next time, however I really have no idea how to go.

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Other entries for this day: Part 1 / Part 3

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