Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 5: One Piece Grand Arena Tour 2012 at Sabae (Part 3)

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After going thru the exhibits, it's time to buy some souvenirs...

1000yen per bag

My photo coming out of the photo printer

Huge queues for the souvenir stalls. Note that Brook is overlooking the crowd. :)


Lots of One Piece figurines on display as well (not for sale though...)

After leaving the exhibit, came across these food stalls outside the exhibition hall. But since I'm kinda rushing to catch the next train back to Kyoto, so I decided to skip lunch here and eat at Kyoto instead.

Was hoping to be able to catch a cab back to Sabae train station...however there's NO CAB IN SIGHT from my journey from the Sundome exhibition hall...all the way to Sabae station. I walked the entire nearly 2km journey. 

Still walking
While walking, I immediately recognised this train as the Overnight train Twilight Express which my hubby and I took back in Feb 2012 from Hokkaido to Osaka.  Forgot that it actually pass by this area. :)
Came across another One Piece poster at Sabae station
 After a 1 and half hour train ride onboard Ltd Exp Thunderbird train, I am finally back at Kyoto station.
Missed breakfast, missed lunch...so I was starving by this point in time.  

My lunch at Kyoto station. Fried Rice + Gyoza + Tonkotsu Ramen = less than 1000yen (SGD16)
 After late lunch, I went to buy some more snacks and headed back to my room and relaxed the day away while watching videos on my tablet.

My purchases for today.

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