Friday, February 22, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 9: Nara *Part 1*

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Made a daytrip to Nara for this day.

About 40mins train ride from Osaka (I boarded from Shin-Imamiya station) to Nara.

There's toilet onboard the train.
JR Nara station.
Upon arrival, I went to the tourist center at the JR Nara station to request for maps, and I found out that they have volunteer guides to walk around with you at Nara to introduce the sights to you. Since I know I will be spending more time taking photos, so I declined.  

Walking along the route which the tourist information center recommended me.

People queueing before shops were opened. 

Love these safety barriers. Already came across shapes like dolphins at Kobe, and monkeys in Sapporo.

My dad's fav curry rice brand.

Lots of deer-shaped cookies and chocolates being sold at Nara.






Upon exiting Kofukuji, I saw a bunch of deers.

This deer kept licking the other deer.

You can buy deer biscuits for 150yen to feed the deers.


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