Thursday, February 21, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 8: Kobe to Osaka *Part 2*

After lunch, I continued to shop around. 

 Came across this interesting retro stall near the food court.

Surprised to find a Tokyu Hands outlet here as well. Spent nearly an hour here, of course.

Got kinda tired by this point in time, so decided to head to the basement to start looking to buy some food back to the hotel room to eat. 

Scoop the dishes portions yourself on these bento boxes.

 random bakery. So many delicious looking pastries. Too bad I'm an extremely fussy eater who doesn't take fruits (and lots of other stuffs) so I am hesitant to try out new food when I travel since I am unsure of its ingredients.

There's a huge supermarket (managed by 7-11 I believe).

Tempura crumbs!

7-11 brand snacks

More 7-11 brand snacks.

Hello Kitty shaped pasta

In Japan, you pack your own groceries into shopping bags after you have paid for it at the cashier.

Oh...discounts on these fried rice, bought 1 pack.

What I bought back. Fried Rice + Panfry shrimp dumplings + Taiyaki

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