Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 6: Kyoto (typhoon day) *Part 2*

After lunch, it's back to shopping time. Headed back to Yodobashi Camera again.

Look at all the cute camera casings, portable chargers...

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This particular outlet also sells a huge variety of luggage bags. I was sooooo tempted to buy 1. But the thought of lugging it around Kansai area (plus the on-going typhoon outside) and then back to Singapore kinda deters me from buying.

This is the one which I really wanted.

Soooo many camera paddings. 

Nikon straps!!

3 whole aisles of camera bags!!!

Sylvanian families

Gachapon machines

Came across another shop selling anime and cartoon products inside Yodobashi Camera building (not Jump shop)

Stomach's getting hungry from all the shopping, so decided to find some food to buy back to my room to eat as early dinner. Didn't feel like exploring much due to the typhoon..

Looking for food at the basement of Kyoto station

Bought 1 of these back.

Trains towards Osaka and Kansai Airport were suspended

Trains towards Fukui/Kanazawa/Toyama/Takayama (including the Ltd Exp Thunderbird I took the previous day to Fukui) were suspended as well.

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