Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 8: Kobe to Osaka *Part 1*

After checking out of the capsule hotel, I headed back to Osaka.
The train had pull out seats like these next to the door. 

After I had checked in back at Hotel Raizan South at Osaka (near Shin Imamiya station), which was also the hotel I stayed at a couple of days before, I went to the shopping mall opposite Tennoji station called Abeno Cues Town (i think) to spend the rest of my day.
One Piece Tees at Uniqlo

Came across this shop that sells lots of different items at a fixed rate of 315yen.
everything 315yen

everything 315yen
everything 315yen

everything 315yen

everything 315yen

everything 315yen

And there's this large store (Ito Yokado) which sells Miffy items too.

SGD600+ for a school bag. And this is the low range. I've seen more expensive ones that costs over SGD1000+


Felt time for some lunch. Went to the food court.

Remember to return your bowls and trays


  1. I just googled Contiki bloggers and you popped up! I absolutely love your old posts about your Euro tour! It's so precise and well structured. I'm going to be doing my first ever Euro camping tour (first ever Contiki tour!!) In April and I'm just so so so excited!

    I think I am really going to enjoy reading your posts over the next month and seeing all your lovely pics! :)

  2. Thank you for the comments. :)

    I totally enjoyed my contiki trip, made new friends too.
    Bring spare memory cards for your digital camera, since I had fellow tourmates who ran out of memory space after the first couple of days into the trip and had to start deleting some photos to make space.

    Have a nice trip and have fun!