Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 1: Singapore to Osaka to Kobe (Part 1)

Day 1: 20 July 2011

Time breakdown:
1016-1105: Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka station via Haruka Express train
1133-1146: Shin-Osaka station to Shin-Kobe station via Shinkansen Kodoma
1146-1200: Wandering around the station trying to figure out which way is our hotel.
1200-1210: Gave up, ended up taking a cab to the hotel (Green Hill hotel)
1210-1220: Tried to check in to Green Hill hotel, then realised that it was the wrong hotel.  Our hotel is called Green Hill Kobe hotel, and this hotel is called Green Hill hotel...so we had to walk 5mins to our Green Hill Kobe hotel.  sigh...
1220-1245: Checked in to hotel room, dumped luggage into the room.
1245-1415: Wandered around Kitano area, then started looking for lunch.
1415-1450: Lunch
1455-1505: Sat in-front of a taiyaki stall eating wafer ice-cream
1510-1630: Tokyu Hands
1650-1730: Chinatown
1740-1750: Took subway to Harborland
1750-1950: Harborland
1950-2030: Dinner
2030-2050: Shopping at convenience store
2050-2100: Way too tired.  Took cab back to hotel.

Some expenses of the day:
550yen : taxi ride from Shin-Kobe to Green Hill Hotel
1750yen : lunch (tempura soba & katsudon)
200yen : 2 x ice-cream wafers
120yen : Pocari Sweat
200yen x 2 : subway tix to Harborland
620yen : dinner (katsu curry)
690yen : dinner (Hamburger patty meal)
1025yen : snacks & drinks from convenience store (4 drinks, 1 cup noodle, 2 snacks, 1 bread)
1220yen : taxi ride from opposite Kobe station back to our hotel

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My travel companion...

Charging my iphone at Changi Terminal

Free Internet

Yey...USB port = charging my iphone during flight

Menu for in-flight meal

toiletries pouch for SQ passengers

charging dock

Out of all these, I only ate the rice with tamago (egg).

watching Tom & Jerry, one of my all-time fav cartoons

Welcome to Kansai Airport

Taking sky train to the immigration building

The tourist information counter at Kansai Airport. You can pick up many maps from this counter.

Train platform for Haruka Express
Haruka Express tix (between Kansai Airport & Shin-Osaka), Shinkansen tix (between Shin-Osaka & Shin-Kobe), and my 7day Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) :)
Haruka Express Train

The front cover of the JR pass

Inside Haruka Express train (Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka)

Shinkansen Kodoma (Shin-Osaka to Shin-Kobe)

Finally arrived at Shin-Kobe station.

Boarded a cab from Shin-Kobe station

Shin-Kobe station

cab fare

Nice friendly cab driver

Walking from Green Hill Hotel to Green Hill Kobe Hotel.
Finally arrived at the correct Green Hill Kobe Hotel
Our room 

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