Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 2: Kobe to Miyajima (Part 3)

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Finally able to check in into our room at 3pm.  Was surprised that we were able to see the torii gate from our room.

View from our room

menu in our room

menu in our room

The only groceries store we came across in Miyajima.  It is located within the residential part of the island, 1 street behind the main touristy shopping streets.


The famous giant wooden spatula

Our 2nd ice-cream (from the same stall) of the day.

This cone of ice-cream brought him lots of trouble with the deers....see a few pics later

Hungry deers eating carton boxes

Fighting deers

Hungry deers wanting to eat hubby's ice-cream. It all started out with just 1 deer following him, and then more and more deer joined the line...eventually there was a total of 7 deers following him around just over 1 ice-cream.  The Japanese ladies were standing with me in front of our hotel being amused over the entire incident. haha.

3 deers...

7 deers!

It is 3 months down the road now, and both of us still have this mark on our arms...haha.
 Low tide (around 1830-1930 on this day), time to venture out into the sea... :)
low tide

7:30pm...time for our dinner, served in our room.

hot pot rice

hot pot soup




After dinner, we ventured out again...
Drums performance at our hotel lobby.

the tides are back again...

empty shopping streets.

chop chop again.

Other entries for this day: Part 1 / Part 2


  1. Hi Sam!

    What is the name of the ryokan you stayed at?

    I'll be visiting Miyajima soon. Any suggestions?? :)

    Thank you!