Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 5: Osaka to Takayama (Part 1)

Day 5, Osaka to Takayama

Takayama guide:
Shirakawa-go guide:

0730-0832: Shin-Osaka station to Nagoya via Shinkansen Hikari
0843-1055: Nagoya to Takayama via Wide View Hida
1100-1130: Getting maps from Tourist counter in front of the station, and buying bus tickets to Shirakawa-go for the next day.
1130-1300: checked in luggage at the hotel and then walked to the old town for a stroll while looking for food (that's not beef). Seems like most shops only sell beef.
1300-1330: went to a cafe and had a drink & ice-cream.
1330-1415: continued walking to look for lunch.
1415-1450: found a small cafe for lunch.
1450-1900: stroll back to hotel for check-in, and then went to nearby convenience store to buy some snacks & drinks for our 2night stay here, then slacked while watching Japanese TV shows.
1900-2020: Dinner (very thinly sliced Hida beef with rice) at the hotel's dinner room.

Return Bus tix to Shirakawa-go: 8600yen for 2 pax

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Taken from on-board the Wide View Hida train from Nagoya to Takayama

Finally arrived at Takayama

We found wifi signal if you stand in front of the tourist information counter just outside Takayama station.

Takayama station

Bus terminal just next to Takayama train station.  You buy the bus tickets to Shirakawa-go from here.

Bread vending machine

Buy Shirakawa-go bus tickets from here.

Yeah, use iPad while waiting for your bus.

The ryokan (hotel) we stayed at

Take off shoes at the lobby of the ryokan

Preservation street

Tourist information counter in the old town

Other entry for this day: Part 2

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