Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 5: Takayama (Part 2)

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After strolling around old town under the hot sun, we found a place to have some iced drinks and ice cream.


...more beef...

Vending machine selling fish baits. I think.

We had lunch at this little cafe

What I had: Rice, egg, gravy

What he had: Rice, egg, a different gravy

Dinner at the hotel's dining hall. This Hida Beef is very very nice.

We finished this whole tub of rice between the both of us. 
 After dinner, we ventured out to the old town to see if there's any photography opportunities.

The streets were soo dark, I couldn't even auto-focus.  I had no tripod, and there's nothing much available on the location for me to rest my camera on for slow shutter I had to boost my ISO to nearly maxed to get these.  And not to mention the heavy de-noising pp as well. :)

Many bicycles parked outside a pub.
We came across a 2nd wifi spot in Takayama just outside this convenience store. So every time we passed by here, we will spend 10mins standing around checking our emails & facebook on our mobile phones.

Other entry for this day: Part 1

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