Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 4: Hiroshima to Osaka (Part 1)

Day 4: Hiroshima to Osaka

0715-0854: Shinkansen ride from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka station.
0900: Deposited luggage at our hotel (Shin-Osaka Station Annex Hotel)
1000-1020: Ate a donut at Krispy Kreme Osaka station branch (located basement of Lucia dept store)
1030-1050: Umeda station to Ikeda station.
1100-1250: Instant Ramen Museum
1300-1325: Had a drink at a cafe next to Ikeda station before taking the train
1330-1410: Train ride from Ikeda station to Namba station, transfer at Umeda
1425-1530: BIC camera store at Namba
1600-1700: late lunch
1745-2100: strolled around the area shopping
2100-2115: train to Shin-Osaka station
2115-2150: dinner at Shin-Osaka station
2200: check in hotel for the night

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Peeping thru the window of a shop selling Ekibens 

Our luggage.  

Bicycles parked neatly along the pavements

Taking a short train ride from Shin-Osaka station to Osaka station.
Krispy Kreme! 

 Then we took a local train from Umeda station to Ikeda station to go and visit the Instant Ramen Museum.

train fare from Umeda to Ikeda station

Map near Ikeda station.  Note the location of the Instant Ramen Museum 2 streets away from the station.

Long queue during the weekends for making your own cup noodle.

Nope...I didn't draw this.  I wish though...

Buying empty ramen cup (300yen) ugly chick

Instant Ramen for astronauts

I bought this.

Other entry for this day: Part 2

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