Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 2: Kobe to Miyajima (Part 1)

Day 2: Kobe to Miyajima

0831-1001: Shin-Kobe station to Hiroshima station via Shinkansen
1015-1035: Hiroshima station to Miyajimaguchi station via Sanyo line
1035-1100: Walked from the station to the ferry terminal, then boarded the JR ferry to Miyajima (about 15mins ferry ride).
1100-1130: Strolled around while taking pics of the deers
1130: Arrived at our ryokan at Miyajima, deposited our bags
1130-1300: Strolled along the streets of Miyajima while taking pics of the Torii gate.
1300-1340: Lunch
1340-1500: Continued our stroll around Miyajima & shopping street
1500: Checked in to our ryokan room. Enjoyed the view from our room.
1630-1715: walked to the only groceries store we saw at the residential part of Miyajima to buy snacks/drinks.
1715-1720: Hubby being chased by deers while he's trying to finish his ice-cream.
1750-1910: Walked to Torii gates again to take photos during low tide.
1930-2030: Dinner served in our room.
2030-2130: Strolled to Torii gates again

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1050yen (about S$17).  

What my hubby had.

Toilet onboard the Shinkansen
Layout of the toilet in Braille!!

Blue triangle marks our current location
The train we took from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi station

Miyajimaguchi station 

The JR Ferry terminal just opposite the Miyajimaguchi train station.

Since both of us were carrying large luggage bags, so we opted not to climb up the stairs to the seating areas. Instead, we stayed down at the 1st level that's for vehicles and we could run around taking pics of the scenery.

The hotel we will be staying at

Ferry Terminal at Miyajima

This guy here ate my airlines baggage tag on my luggage bag. -_-

This mother gave her son tissue papers to feed the deers!

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