Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 1: Singapore to Osaka to Kobe (Part 2)

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 After checking-in into the hotel, we dumped our bags in the room and headed out towards Kitano area.

Arrived at Kitano area after a 10mins stroll from our hotel.

Tourist information center in the midst of Kitano area.

I love this Starbucks building

Interesting bench

Lawson - convenience store

We finally left Kitano area in search of lunch.  

...and still looking for lunch....

No, I did not travelled all the way to Japan just to have my 1st meal here at a McDonald's.  

yes. Finally found a place for lunch.  
What I had: Katsudon (850yen = S$13.50)

What he had: Tempura Soba (900yen = S$14)

This Taiyaki stall also sells Ice-cream wafers.

so we sat in front of the stall eating our ice-cream wafers

200yen (SGD3.30)

Other entries for this day: Part 1 Part 3

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