Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japan (Jul11) Day 1: Singapore to Osaka to Kobe (Part 3)

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After lunch and ice-cream, we spent the next 2 hours at our fav Tokyu Hands!!!

dip these towels into water, and they will remain cool when into contact with air.

handheld fan with water mist spray

make these scarves damp and they will remain cool. We saw quite a few people wearing this at Miyajima the next day.

One Piece

Note the 100yen coins in the container for customers to try out this piggybank display.  There's at least 700yen in total (worth about S$12) in the container.

Was sooo tempted to buy the Pink Fairy Jar.  But since this is just the 1st day of our trip, I didn't want to lug it around Japan for the next 9 days.  So I didn't buy.  


Ice-cube trays

lunch boxes

more lunch boxes

for making bento meals

Bagel lunch boxes, Onigiri lunch boxes...

Add ice, add can of beer, rotate handle, and you get cold beer.

Microwavable kitchenwares

Was also tempted to lug one of these back....but too bulky for me to carry it around Japan.


 After Tokyu Hands, we walked towards Chinatown area.
came across Daimaru

Post office

Finally found Chinatown.

Was very surprised to see my fave prawn crackers being sold here.  

Underpass towards subway station

Ladies-only carriage

Taking subway to Harborland station

This guy feeds the birds, and then when the guy starts to ride his bicycle away, the ENTIRE flock of birds followed him.  After taking this pic, I was stunned to find this group of birds flying towards me since the guy rode past me.

He stopped again at this spot, and the birds stopped as well for more food.
The guy rode off...and the birds are off again....

We walked towards Kobe station, and found a little shop where we had our dinner.
Hamburger Patty (690yen = S$11)
Katsu Curry Rice (620yen = S$10)
 Although this shop is small, but it seems to cater more for the locals than for tourists.  You have to purchase the meal ticket from a vending machine and then hand the ticket over to the waitress.  There's also free flow of rice.  Loved the soft fluffy rice.  Cheap and nice.

After dinner,  we headed to the convenience store opposite the shop & bought some drinks/snacks/bread. By this point in time, we were soooo tired and so we decided to take a 10mins cab ride (1220yen) back to our hotel even though the train station was just opposite the shop were we had our dinner.

Other entries for this day: Part 1 / Part 2 


  1. Hi, Sam

    Can I find out what camera or program to edit these photos with the vintage look?

  2. My camera is Nikon D700 + 24-70mm f2.8 lens.
    I use photoshop to edit some of these pics...esp many of the harborland pics (the slightly brownish effect), where I used Florabella (do a search online for Florabella actions) preset actions. Florabella's actions are paid and not available for free though.