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Japan (Jul11) Day 3: Miyajima to Hiroshima (Part 2)

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Peace Memorial Museum (entrance fees 50yen)

The sign reads: We protest the subcritical nuclear tests conducted by the United States.

Letters of Protest: Successive mayors of Hiroshima have sent letters of protest in response to every nuclear test by any country since 1968.



Singapore History textbook. I still have mine :)

Tricycle and metal helmet (1500m from the hypocenter). Shinichi Tetsutari (then 3yrs11mths old) loved to ride this tricycle. That morning he was riding in front of his house when, in a sudden flash, he and his tricycle were badly burned. He died that night. His father felt he was too young to be buried in a lonely grave away from home, and thinking he could still play with the tricycle, he buried Shinichi with the tricycle in the backyard. In the summer of 1985, 40yrs later, his father dug up Shinichi's remains and transferred them to the family grave. This trycycle and helmet, after sleeping for 40yrs in the backyard with Shinichi, were donated to the Peace Memorial Museum.

Roof Times: Roof time surfaces within 600m of the hypocenter melted, becoming rough and bubbly where they were exposed to direct heat rays.

Fused roof tiles: The heat of the fire partially melted these tiles and fused them like a lump of lava. Tiles melt at 1,200 to 1,300 degrees celcius. Thus, these fused roof tiles reveal how extremely hot the fire was.

Found in the Scorched Plain
4- Pottery buried in rubble.
5- Fused lump of roof tiles and pottery
6- Fused lump containing human bones
7- Glass bottle in rubble

10- Flower vase
11- Deformed cosmetic bottle
12- Deformed cosmetic cream container
13- Cosmetic container
14- Cosmetic container
15- Soap
16- Cosmetic bottle with glass and other debris adhered to it
17- Pot with fused glass
18- Flower vase
19- Sake cups
20- Sake cups

37- Portable safe
39- Fused sweet server and bowl
40- Fused earthen grater and pottery
43- Flowervase
44- Ashtray
45- Sake decanters

55- Works from a wall clock
56- Clock with melted glass face
57- Fused lump of old coins
58- Fused lump of old coins

Message on a roof tile (1km from hypocenter)
Toru Sato (then 18) was out of Hiroshima Prefecture at the time of the atomic bombing. When he looked for his family in the ruins of their house on Aug 9, he found this roof tile. The message on the roof tile is: "Sato family, Atsuko well, Kuniko dead, Father, Tatsumi, Kazue unknown."

Other entries for this day: Part 1 / Part 3

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