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Japan (Jul11) Day 6: Takayama & Shirakawa-go (Part 1)

Day 6: Takayama & Shirakawa-go
Shirakawa-go guide:
Shirakawa-go is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. 
The village is located about 50mins bus ride from Takayama. 
(4300yen per pax for 2way bus ticket)

0700: breakfast at hotel
0800-0920: walked around old town + morning markets
0950-1040: bus ride from Takayama to Shirakawa-go
1040-1400: Shirakawa-go
1400-1450: bus ride from Shirakawa-go back to Takayama
1500-1545: lunch at a shop opposite Takayama station
1600-1900: replenished snacks from convenience store. Headed back to hotel for onsen.
1900-2030: dinner at hotel

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1 of the 2 morning markets in Takayama.  They are usually open until about 12noon.  

 For those who wants to take pics of the empty preserved streets without other tourists in your shots like these pics, take them before 9am.  Because that's when the tourists starts to arrive.  The 1st train from Nagoya to Takayama will only arrive around 10am so if you want to take such shots, you will have to stayover at Takayama for at least 1 night so that you can do so on the early morning of your 2nd day here.

Was surprised to find the bottled drinks to be cold and not just cool.  

The moment we saw this, both of us tried to locate for a wifi signal..but wasn't able to access it.  -_-

Cigarettes dispensing machine.  I love how they covered up the machine to make it blend well with its surrounding buildings.

It's carved out of wood i think

9am, saw my 1st tour group of the day arriving at the Preserved streets. This particular group is from Korea I believe.

Just across the bridge and we arrive at the 2nd morning market. 

 After a short stroll through the morning market (didn't really bought anything since they sell mostly fresh produce and foodstuffs that's more catered for the Japanese locals) we started to head for the Takayama train station to catch our bus to Shirakawa-go.  


Outside a pharmacy

Shop selling uniforms

Locker room in front of Takayama train station.

More lockers opposite the bus terminal

Our bus tickets to Shirakawa-go.  

Joining the queue for the Shirakawa-go bus

Our 1st glimpse of Shirakawa-go from the bus.
Other entries for this day: Part 2 / Part 3

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