Saturday, January 8, 2011

Japan Day 10 - Sapporo to Lake Toya (6 Dec 2010) *part 1*

0955: check out from Sapporo Hotel Gracery
1005-1020: shopped for bento at Daimaru basement
1037-1220: train journey from Sapporo to Toya station
1225-1255: bus from Toya station to Lake Toya
1310: arrived at Toya Kanko hotel
1315-1500: walked around Lake Toya town + Alf tried out the public foot onsen
1630-1730: onsen at hotel
1830-1930: in-room dinner
midnight: snowfall

1050yen: Tempura bento from Daimaru basement
110yen: Potato croquette from Daimaru basement
130yen: Coke from train
????: Alf's Tempura bento from Daimaru basement
???: Alf's pastry
320x2=640yen: Bus from Toya station to Lake Toya
???: Snacks from 7-11
200yen: Towel from Vending machine at Toya's public outdoor foot onsen
198yen: Sweet and sour prawns from 7-11
???: Drinks and Cup Ramen from convenience store
100yen: Fried Udon from convenience store
370yen: coffee at coffee lounge

Other entry for the day: Part 2

Other entry for the day: Part 2


  1. hello! Can I check which hotel did you stay in Lake Toya and how did you get there?

    Thank you!:)

    1. I stayed at Toya Kanko Hotel on both of my visits to Lake Toya. It is a pretty old hotel, but I love the fact that it is pretty inexpensive (for a ryokan), plus the view of the rooms overlooks the lake. We usually take the bus (infrequent timings though) from Toya station to Lake Toya onsen town (which takes about 20-30mins journey) and then walk 5mins to Toya Kanko Hotel. On our way back to the station, we usually arrange with the hotel to have the hotel's free shuttle van to send us from the hotel to Toya station.

  2. HI! May I know if its possible to go from your hotel straight to the new chitose airport by public transport? Or does the hotel provide any free shuttle services? :)

    Thanks! :)

    1. Sorry Im not too sure, since we usually take train to Toyo station, then take bus to Lake Toya's onsen town. I'm not too familiar with bus routes in Hokkaido.