Saturday, November 3, 2012

Japan (Sep 2012) Day 4: Day trip to Wakayama then to Kyoto (Part 2)

From Idakiso station, I then took the next train, which is the "Tama" (Cat) train, towards Kishi station.


After a short ride, I arrived at Kishi station. This is also where the original Cat Stationmaster (Tama-chan) is based at.

There is a little cafe at the station itself, as well as a small souvenir shop. Since the souvenir shop doesn't allow photography, so no pics of the shop.

Tama-chan's official uniform.

Tama-chan is also sleeping. What's up with these Cat Stationmasters who kept sleeping on the job? :)
 Since I have some time to kill before the next train arrives at Kishi station, so I took a short walk around the station, hoping to find food. But I failed.

 Arrived back at Kishi station, and found Tama-chan finally woke up.

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