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Japan (Oct2013): Day 12 Kyoto.

Day 12 (6/11/13): Kyoto. Then midnight flight back to Singapore.

Day breakdown:
0940 Check out. Deposit luggage at hostel before heading out.
0940-1040 Went Kyoto station to buy 1 day bus pass, and then took subway to Imadegawa station. Then took bus from Imadegawa station to Kitano Tenmangu.
1040-1130 Visited Kitano Tenmangu
1130-1200 Took bus to Ginkaku-ji
1200-1250 Visited Ginkaku-ji
1255-1320 Lunch near Ginkaku-ji
1325-1335 Took bus to near Ichijoji station.
1340-1355 Took photos and had a cup of drink at McDonalds near Ichijoji
1410-1420 Took train from Ichijoji to Demachiyanagi station
1445-1500 Took bus from near Demachiyanagi station to Sanjo.
1500-1620 Walked from Sanjio to Nishiki Market
1620-1635 Took bus from Shijo to Kyoto station.
1915-2035 Took Haruka Express train from Kyoto station to Kansai Airport.

500yen 1 day Kyoto bus pass
250yen subway from Kyoto station to Imadegawa station
900yen Lunch (Tempura donburi)
160yen Bus fare top-up since Ichijoji is just outside the bus pass coverage area.
100yen Fanta grape drink from McDonalds
200yen Train fare from Ichijoji to Demachiyanagi station
147yen Pork skewer from Daimaru basement.
??yen Muffins from bakery
??yen Dinner bento from Kyoto station. (800+yen I believe)

Last day of this trip. Since my flight is near midnight, therefore I still have alot of time for Kyoto today.
Corridor of the hostel (Piece Hostel) where I stayed at 

Nice rooftop terrace area at the Hostel.

Free breakfast at the hostel. 

Makeup/wash basin corner at the ground floor of the hostel.

Shower rooms (ladies side)
 Checked out of the hostel at 09:40am and then deposited my luggage at the hostel before heading out.
First, I had to go to Kyoto station's tourist info office to buy my 1 day Kyoto bus pass (500yen) since I will be taking quite a few bus rides on this day. 

Many shrines in Kyoto is actually more accessible via bus than subways. 
For example, Kiyomizudera, Ginkaku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Kodaiji...etc.  
It took me about 30mins to walk from Kiyomizu-gojo subway station to Kiyomizudera on my previous visit, but if I'd taken a bus, the nearest bus stop would cut that walking distance down by half.

A single journey onboard the bus costs 220yen (flat rate, within Kyoto city itself). Therefore as long as you are taking more than 3 bus journeys, it is recommended that you get the 1 day bus pass instead. 
More info (as well as bus routes maps):

Today is yet another K-On! anime theme I visited some places which had appeared in the anime.
Kyoto Tower, as seen from just outside Kyoto station.
 My next destination is Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Many students visit Kitano Tenmangu to pray for success in their studies. This place also appeared on K-On! 
To reach Kitano Tenmangu, I first took subway (I could have taken a longer bus journey from Kyoto station instead though) from Kyoto station to Imadegawa station, and then transferred to a short 10mins bus ride from Imadegawa to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. I had to remember to use the machine next to the bus driver to "activate" my bus pass when I alight.
1 of the entrances to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

I always bring along a small booklet to Japan to collect stamp chops like these...

After I'm done visiting Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, it was a 25mins direct bus ride to Ginkaku-ji. 
From the bus stop near Ginkaku-ji, I had to walk about 10mins to reach Ginkaku-ji itself.

Philosopher's Path

Part of Philosopher's Path

There were a number of cafes and shops on the street leading up to Ginkaku-ji.

Collectible postage stamps


Photographers, please note that tripod is not allowed.


Walking up to the viewpoint overlooking Ginkakuji

Too bad I was about 2 weeks too early for autumn foliage in Kyoto.

Leaving Ginkakuji

Looking for lunch

Had lunch here

Tempura donburi. 900yen. Not bad. I was so hungry that I think I finished this in less than 15mins.

came across these on a window display on another cafe while walking to the bus stop.

I then took a short 5mins bus ride from the bus stop near Ginkakuji to Shirakawa Dori to visit some K-On! locations. Since Shirakawa Dori is located just outside of the bus pass coverage area, therefore I had to top up 160yen for this particular bus trip.
First up, is this McDonalds along Shirakawa Dori near Ichijoji station.

Also saw this bus stop along Shirakawa Dori, but can't be sure if it's the same one which appeared in the anime.
Shirakawa Dori, at the junction just before turning into the smaller lane leading up to Ichijoji station.
Walking towards Ichijoji station.
100yen minimart, opposite Ichijoji station.


Ichijoji station.
Ichijoji station.

Took a short train ride from Ichijoji station to Demachiyanagi station.

Train approaching Demachiyanagi station. This station also appeared in K-On!

Stepping stones across the river, next to Demachiyanagi station. 

Took a short 10mins bus ride to Sanjo area.
At the bus stop. Shows which bus is arriving soon.

Sanjo shopping street.

Walking towards Nishiki market. I've visited Nishiki market before actually...but since I had some time and it was just nearby, so I just strolled towards that direction.
came across a Kani Doraku branch 

Nishiki Market. 

Public onsen near Nishiki market.

Went to nearby Daimaru basement food hall to look for some snacks.

Pork skewer. 147yen. Yummy.
From Shijo, I took a bus to Kyoto station. 
I remembered enjoying the plain muffins which I bought from this bakery at Kyoto station basement on 1 of my previous trips. So I ended up here again to buy some muffins.
Had some time to kill, yet feet was I just head back to the hostel and relaxed in the cooling weather at the hostel's rooftop terrace while enjoying a cup of coffee and my muffins for about 1hr before I had to go catch my train to the airport.

Before boarding Haruka Express train, I went to basement food hall at Kyoto station to buy a bento to eat for my dinner during the train ride to the airport.

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