Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Viewing Sakura in Tokyo

2014 Sakura (cherry blosssoms) forecast:

Sakura season in Tokyo usually starts from end March and ends around early April. 
However, weather is unpredictable, which is why during my visit in 2013, sakura season in Tokyo arrived 2 weeks earlier than normal...which was mid March!
I was really lucky that I was in Tokyo during that time and I wasn't even expecting to be able to see sakura since I assumed that my visit in mid March was way too early for sakura season in that area. 

Places in Tokyo where I visited during Sakura season 
(my visit was in March 2013):
(See a list of other sakura viewing places within Tokyo from this website: 

Ueno Park:  
(See my blog posts of my vist here, here, here, and here)
This is probably the most popular sakura viewing spot in Tokyo.
I had to wake up extremely early and reach here before 7am in order to take photos of this place to avoid the crowds.

Ueno Park during weekend mornings.
To reach Ueno Park: 
Ueno park is located just behind the JR Ueno station. 
It is also near the Metro subway Ueno station, as well as the Keisei-Ueno station. 

Asukayama Park
(See blog post of my visit here)
Located just a few stops away from Ueno Park, this place is relatively unknown to most tourists, therefore there is much less crowd here than compared to Ueno Park.
It is more like a neighbourhood park where there are playgrounds for children too.

To reach Asukayama Park:
The nearest station is Oji station (about 12mins train journey from JR Ueno station via the JR Keihin-Tohoku line). Asukawayam Park is located just opposite Oji station up on a small hill (you will have to climb some steps up the hill)

Koishikawa Korakuen
(See blog entry of my visit here)

To reach Koishikawa Korakuen:
10mins walk from Iidabashi, Suidobashi, or Korakuen station. 

(See blog post of my visit here)
During evening illumination
To reach Rikugien:
It is about 2mins walk from the JR and subway Komagome station.

Hama Rikyu
(See blog post of my visit here)
Not as many sakura trees here as compared to some of the other gardens, but nonetheless, this is a nice garden to visit. There was also a lovely field of yellow flowers during my visit here during Sakura season too. 

To reach Hama Rikyu:
10mins walk from JR Shimbashi station, or 5mins walk from Shiodome station (Oedo subway line and Yurikamome monorail line). You can also take the Water Bus from Asakusa to reach Hama Rikyu.

Shinjuku Gyoen
(see blog post of my visit here)
A very large park, with different varieties of Sakura.

To reach Shinjuku Gyoen:
About 15mins walk from "New South Exit" of JR Shinjuku station, or 5mins walk from Shinjukugyoenmae station (Marunouchi subway line), or 5mins walk from JR Sendagaya station (JR Chuo/Sobu line) 

Street near Fudomae station
(See blog post of my visit here)
This little suburban street is lined with sakura trees.

To reach this street near Fudomae station:
This street is located just in front of the Daiyonhino Elementary School near Fudo-mae station.
The street is 1 min walk from Fudo-mae station (Tokyu Meguro line). 

Meguro river
(See blog post of my visit here)
This river is actually within walking distance of the street which I mentioned above near Fudomae station. There are many sakura trees along this river which stretches for several hundred metres. 

To reach Meguro river:
This river stretches serveral hundreds of metres long, and you can walk to this river from either Nakameguro station, Meguro station, or Fudomae station.
The station that's closest to the river is Nakameguro station, which is located just next to the river.

Sumida River
(See blog post of my visit)
Sumida River is located somewhere between Sensoji shrine in Asakusa, and the Tokyo Skytree.
There are many Sakura trees along this river and you can see Tokyo Skytree from here as well.

To reach Sumida River:
The nearest station is Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line / Toei Subway Asakusa line / Tobu Skytree line). 

Zozoji Temple
(See blog post of my visit here)
More info:
This temple is near Tokyo Tower, therefore Tokyo Tower is visible from here. There are also quite a number of sakura trees in the area behind the temple.

To reach Zozoji Temple:
The closest subway stations are Onarimon station, Shibakoen station (Mita subway line) or Daimon station (Oedo subway line).  
Further away, there is also the JR Hamamatsucho station (JR Yamanote line/JR Keihin-Tohoku line) which is about 10mins walk away from the Temple.

Yanaka Cemetary
(See blog post of my visit here)

To reach Yanaka Cemetary:
This place is located just next to JR Nippori station (JR Yamanote Loop line / JR Keihin-Tohoku line)


  1. great, very informative blog. i tried to find a section on you, as the author, but no luck. just curious as to how you get to do so much traveling. is it partly business? i thought i'd gone to a lot of countries but you definitely beat me.

    having a friend from the states visiting in mar-arriving on the 20th. which would you recommend as the top 3 or 4 choices for cherry blossom viewing in tokyo. we'll only have 1 full day there so can't see too many spots.

    thanks for any help you can give me, sam.


  2. Hi,
    My travels are not due to business, both my husband and myself love to travel, so we usually plan for at least an overseas trip once a year. Our Europe travels was due to our 1 month long Europe trip for our honeymoon.

    Regarding Cherry Blossom viewing at Tokyo, I'd recommend Ueno Park (it's going to be crowded, but it's the most popular place to go for cherry blossoms in Tokyo, in my opinion), then in the afternoon go to Sumida river side in Asakusa for more cherry blossoms viewing (and u can see Tokyo Skytree just across the river too), and late afternoon to early evening go visit Rikugien for evening illumination (check their dates, they usually have this event during sakura season).