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Maldives 2014: (Day 4 & 5) Maldives (Centara Ras Fushi resort)

Day 4: Maldives

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This morning, we would be moving over from our water villa to a regular oceanview room.

Strong winds and gloomy clouds in the morning, luckily, this only lasted for less than 30mins. 
 After checking-out from our water villa, we went for a buffet lunch while waiting for our oceanview room to be ready for check-in. I didn't really liked the food variety though, since I initially thought that it was thai food buffet since it was partially held at the Thai food restaurant venue, but it was international food spread instead. 

But this cake was really good! 
 Many Singaporeans might have heard of Lana Cake sold from a small cake shop at Bt Timah. 
I usually try to have a piece of Lana cake on my birthday since it's my favourite cake. 
But since I'm at Maldives on this day, so I didn't expect to come across a chocolate cake that tastes so similar to the Lana Cake that I so loved on my birthday.  

Our next room. 107. 
 Coming over from the water villa (which we both really enjoyed), I really didn't liked this particular room.

- Upon entering the room (the door which u see in the above pic), the entire toilet is in view. So whenever I'm using the toilet or taking a shower, I had to ensure that the "Do not disturb" sign is outside our door so that the resort housekeeping staff would not accidentally walk in to us while we were using the toilet.

- There were some trees in front of this particular room which blocked the view of the sea from our room. After walking through the row of the oceanfront rooms, I feel that our room 107 has the absolute worst view. Even our next door neighbour 106 have a slightly better view than our's. 
That said, there are some rooms with a really nice view of the beach and sea. 

- We found a lizard in the room, and I'm absolutely terrified of those! As I'm typing out this article, I know that there's a lizard in my kitchen somewhere since a couple days ago...and I've been avoiding going into my kitchen ever since. That's how bad my fear of lizards is.  So even though we got a staff to help us get rid of it, but I just couldn't shake off the panicky feel for the rest of my stay in this room since I'm not sure if there's any more in the room. Didn't had a good sleep at all.

- There was a small gap under the glass door which separates an open outdoor area and the bathroom which sometimes allows insects and bugs into the toilet area. Every time I go to the toilet area, I'll see like 2 or 3 insects (usually large ants) on the floor near the sink area.

This view of the toilet greets you when you enter the room.

And then you arrive in the main room. 

Yeah, this little window opens, so you can see the toilet from the bedroom area.
The room

The "view" from our room. Supposedly "Oceanview".  -_-
Outside our room

 After my lizard scare, I just had to leave the room for awhile to calm myself down.
So I headed for the Viu Bar for some relaxation.

For those with "All-inclusive" meals package, you'd be able to have some snacks at the Viu Bar during tea time.

Here's where I relaxed for about an hour while reading my e-book and having a drink of chocolate milkshake. 

 We then went for some pedal boat activity (free). 

Evening...dinner time.

At the resort, if you are willing to spend a couple hundred of USD for reserving a romantic seaside dining area for just you and your partner...here are some settings which are available.

Day 5: Maldives back to Singapore

This is where we had to say goodbye to the resort. After breakfast and clearing our check-out procedures, we had to take a 25mins speedboat ride to the airport.

Resort staff waving goodbye to us. 

Bye bye 

Arrival at the airport.

Departure lounge

Burger King and Coffee Club. 
 Most people just order from Burger Kings

 But i chose to have Chicken Cashew Nut from Coffee Club, and it was good. :)

What the hubby had.

What I had. Yummy!

 Walking on the tarmac to board our plane.

Although we visited Maldives during a season with a higher possibility of rain than say January...but the weather really changes pretty fast in this area, so the weather didn't really bothered me much even though it rained during parts of our trip.

We would want to return to Maldives, some day in the future, to visit other resorts. 

Centara Ras Fushi, to me, is an alright place for you to visit if you are visiting Maldives for the first time, and just want to stay at a water villa at a reasonable price and doesn't want to travel too far from the airport (which was pretty much our requirements, and we really indeed enjoyed our 3 nights stay at the water villa). 
However, if you are planning on staying for a longer period of duration (say, more than 5 nights) and not staying at a water villa, then you'd probably be able to find a better resort elsewhere. 

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