Thursday, January 8, 2015

Visiting One Piece themed places in Tokyo.

If you are a fan of One Piece, and are planning to make the trip to Tokyo, then here is a 2 day suggested itinerary for you to consider.

Day 1: J-World / Nakano Broadway / Mugiwara store

J-World (Sunshine City at Ikebukuro)
<<Go to my visit to J-World back in Oct 2013>>
J-world is an indoor themed attraction inside Sunshine City shopping mall. It has attractions (and themed food) for mainly One Piece, Naruto and Dragonball. 

Nakano Broadway
Between Nakano Broadway and Akihabara, I somehow prefer to go Nakano Broadway if I want to look for One Piece related collectables. I was so lost when I was at Akihabara and didn't really know which stores to go to look for One Piece stuffs. That said, if you were to do your research online beforehand and would rather go Akihabara over Nakano Broadway, then by all means go ahead. :)

When you reach Nakano Broadway, you would probably be surprised to find that the shops on the ground level do not sell anime products, so for a moment you might think you have gone to the wrong place. Fret not, the shops that you would be looking for are on the 2nd level.

Mugiwara store
Mugiwara store (Shibuya Parco Part 1, 6F)
<<Go to my visit to Mugiwara store back in Dec 2012>>
This is the official One Piece store, located about 7mins walk from Shibuya station. 
They sell a wide variety of One Piece products here, t-shirts, keyboard, figurines, stationary...and more.

(I will use Tokyo station as the starting point for these 2 days since this is the most centralized station in Tokyo. 
All you need to do is to figure out how to get from your hotel to Tokyo station and you will be able to follow my directions to get to these places.)
- Tokyo station to Ikebukuro station via Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line subway (17mins, 200yen)
- Walk about 10mins from Ikebukuro station to Sunshine City shopping mall.
- Visit J-World indoor themed attraction (opens 1000-2200hr, 800yen admission)
- Walk about 10mins back to Ikebukuro station.
- Ikebukuro station to JR Shinjuku station via JR Yamanote Loop line (6mins journey)
- JR Shinjuku station to Nakano station via JR Chuo line (5-7mins, Ikebukuro to Nakano costs 170yen)
- Walk 5mins from Nakano station to visit Nakano Broadway (stores usually open from 1200-2000hr)
- Nakano station to JR Shinjuku station via JR Chuo line (5-7mins)
- JR Shinjuku station to Shibuya station via JR Yamanote Loop line (6mins, Nakano to Shibuya costs 170yen)
- Walk about 7mins from Shibuya station to Shibuya Parco Part 1 building (6th Floor). 
- Shibuya station to Tokyo station via JR Yamanote Loop line (23mins, 200yen)

Day 2: Tokyo One Piece Tower, Jump store, Baratie restaurant
Tokyo Tower
Tokyo One Piece Tower (at Tokyo Tower)
This is a new One Piece attraction in Tokyo, located at the base of Tokyo Tower. 
It will be opened in the spring of 2015 (13 March 2015).

photo taken from Baratie's website
Baratie restaurant (Fuji TV building at Odaiba)
Baratie is a One Piece themed restaurant located at Odaiba. 
I've yet to have the chance to visit Baratie restaurant though.

Tokyo station's Jump store
<<Go to my visit to Tokyo station's Jump store back in March 2013>>
Jump shop sells products from different Shonen Jump mangas, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball, Slam Dunk...etc... 
They have a few different outlets scattered across Japan. 
For Tokyo, they have 1 outlet at Tokyo station, and 1 at Tokyo Dome City.

- Tokyo station to Hamamatsucho station via JR Yamanote Loop line (5mins, 160yen)
- Walk 5mins from Hamamatsucho to Daimon station
- Daimon station to Akabanebashi station via Toei Subway Oedo line (2mins, 180yen)
- Walk 5mins from Akabanebashi station to Tokyo Tower.
- Visit Tokyo One Piece Tower attraction at Tokyo Tower (opens on 13 March 2015)
- Walk 7mins from Tokyo Tower to Kamiyacho station
- Kamiyacho station to Ebisu station via Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (9mins, 170yen)
- Ebisu station to Tokyo Teleport station via JR Saikyo/Rinkai line (17mins, 330yen)
- Walk 5mins to Fuji TV building
- Eat at Baratie restaurant (located at Fuji TV building at Odaiba)
- You can probably also visit nearby Divercity shopping mall for the life-sized Gundam if you want.
- Walk 5mins to Tokyo Teleport station
- Tokyo Teleport station to Shin-Kiba station via Rinkai Line (7mins, 270yen)
- Shin-Kiba station to Tokyo station via JR Keiyo Line (10mins, 170yen).
- Visit Jump shop at Tokyo station basement's character street.


Although there are quite a number of One Piece related attractions within Tokyo area, however, my favourite is one that is located outside of Tokyo. 
It is Huis Ten Bosch in Kyushu (about 7 to 8hrs by train from Tokyo, or 2hrs domestic flight).
If you happen to visit Kyushu, then you wouldn't want to miss boarding Thousand Sunny for a short cruise. 

Thousand Sunny at Huis Ten Bosch in Kyushu


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