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(Japan Oct 2016) Day 4: Osaka to Arima onsen. Stay at Arima onsen

Day 4 (3 Oct 2016): Osaka to Arima onsen. Stay at Arima onsen.

It was a rainy day on this day, when we made the journey from Osaka to Kobe's Arima onsen.
This is probably 1 of the onsen (hotspring) towns that is more popular in Kansai region. 

We took a short shinkansen train from Shin-Osaka station to Shin-Kobe, and then transferred to a few non-JR trains to reach Arima onsen. Since we were lugging our luggage and it was raining, so I didn't really take photos during the train journey in the morning.

From the train station at Arima onsen, we took a short 5mins taxi ride to our ryokan, where we then deposited our luggage bags (since it was still too early for check-in) before heading out into the town to have lunch and do some exploration. 

There's a small 7-eleven convenience store down the slope not too far from our ryokan.

Walking about in Arima onsen.  Luckily the rain wasn't that heavy, just slight drizzling.  

foot onsen

We walked 1 round through the streets of the old town area of Arima onsen, while looking for somewhere to have our lunch.  

We chose to have our lunch at this restaurant.
 We had tendon for lunch. :) 

We sat outside the stall while we ate these, since there's still a little time left till we can check-in to our ryokan.  

While heading back to our ryokan, we stopped by the convenience store to buy some snacks and drinks, since there's no way I would want to walk down the steep slope from our ryokan later in the day again just to go to the convenience store 

Oh, hello Chinen. 
 We were finally able to check in.  For this night, we stayed at a ryokan called Arima View. They have a large variety of onsen pools, and I really enjoyed their onsen variety alot.   
If you are not staying at Arima view, you can also visit their onsen since their onsen area (plus their food court area) is also available to non-staying guests, with an admission fee.
This is our room.

While we were in our room, prepping to head to onsen, I spotted a Far'fetched pokemon on the radar map that is not too far from our ryokan.  Even though it was raining heavily outside and we had already changed into our yukata, but we took our phones and loaned umbrella from the ryokan, and DASHED OUT in search of the Far'fetched.  After walking around for about 5mins (including walking through a tunnel in the middle of nowhere), we finally found the Far'fetched outside another ryokan. :)

Looking for the Far'fetched.
Finally caught the Far'fetched outside this ryokan. lol.
 Now that we managed to catch the Far'fetched, we can finally stop staring at the Pokemon radar map for the rest of the trip. lol.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the onsen, trying out the various onsen pools.  Then we had dinner, and then went onsen again.  Haha.  
Dinner at our ryokan

Guess my name was too long to fit into the column. Heh.

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