Monday, May 29, 2017

(Japan Oct 2016) Day 6: Visit Okayama. Stay Okayama

Day 6 (5 Oct 2016): Visit Okayama. Stay Okayama.

We had to make some changes to our itinerary due to the typhoon that's supposed to pass by the region on this day.  

Since there's a high chance of trains getting cancelled/suspended/delayed during typhoon, so we decided to just spend the day at a shopping mall near our hotel and Okayama station.

We woke up late, and had a slow stroll to the shopping center (Aeon Mall) next to Okayama station.

Inside Aeon Mall

We chose to have our lunch at this restaurant (Kushiya Monogatari) which consists of fried skewers (kushikatsu) buffet which you can dip into the batter and crumbs and deep fry it yourself at the table.
It is very fun, since we love fried food, and also quite inexpensive (about 1500yen per pax before tax for lunch, whereas it is around 2500yen per pax for dinner).

They have many outlets across Japan, and not just in Okayama. 
(Nope, this is not a paid advertorial, I just simply liked this kushikatsu buffet place alot. Hehe)

You choose from a selections of skewers

Then you dip it into the batter, then into breadcrumbs, then u deepfry it.

 After our enjoyable lunch, we spent some time at a spectacle shop within the same shopping mall to make new spectacles.
Mine costs 5900yen I think. 
It was ready for us to pickup within around 1 hour.

Soon, it was evening time, and the wind started to pick up.  This was about when the typhoon is approaching closer to our region.  

We went inside an electronics store near our hotel to shop, since there was a direct sheltered walkway between this store and our hotel.

We bought dinner from a nearby convenience store to bring back to our hotel room to eat, since we didn't felt like venturing out in the windy conditions.

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