Monday, November 29, 2010

Japan Day 3 - Kyoto to Tokyo (29 Nov 2010) *part 1*

0940: checked out of hotel at Kyoto
0950-1015: train from Shijio station to Kyoto station, Kyoto station to Inari station
1015-1150: Fushimi Inari Shrine
1204-1215: Inari station to Kyoto station
1230-1320: Lunch at Kyoto station
1356-1633: Shinkansen from Kyoto to Shinagawa station
1633-1725: shopped at Takanawa Wing supermarket
1730: checked in Takanawa Keikyu hotel at Shinagawa
1830-1900: Ramen dinner near Shinagawa station
1910-1950: Shinagawa to Odaiba
1955-2245: Oedo Onsen Monogatari (hotspring theme park)
2250-2325: Odaiba to Shinagawa station

210x2=420yen: subway to Kyoto station
210yen: alf's sandwich
300yen: locker at Kyoto station
2000x2=4000yen: Suica card topup
1000yen: Alf's ekiben
1290yen: groceries
850+750+400=2000yen: Ramen + gyoza dinner
1450x2=2900yen: entrance fees to Oedo Onsen Monogatari (hotspring theme park)
320yen: coke at Oedo Onsen Monogatari
400yen: gyoza at Oedo Onsen Monogatari
350yen: Fries from vending machine
???yen: Mcdonalds supper

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 We checked out of the hotel early to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine before we had to leave Kyoto.
Since the hotel is 2 subway stations North of Kyoto station, and the Shrine is 2 stations South of Kyoto station, so we decided to deposit our luggage at the locker at Kyoto station.  We only brought with us 1 small hand carry luggage bag to Kyoto since our 2 large luggages are deposited at our Shinagawa hotel which we stayed the night before and the night after our Kyoto trip.
The lockers were all full on the day before (around noon time) but on this day, it was mostly available since it's still early morning.  So if you wanna get a locker, go in the morning since they tend to run out fast at popular locations such at Kyoto station.

Taking train from Kyoto station to Inari station

Alf is standing outside Inari station.  See the red/black thing sticking out at right side of the pic?
That's the entry to the shrine. 

This shrine is popular with both the locals and tourists (and photographers).  We were there from 1015 to 1150 and we find that there's more visitors around 11am onwards so if you want to take photos without constantly having to wait for people to walkby, go early.

For writing your wishes

Map of the shrine

Alf had fun using my D90 on the entire trip....while I only used my compact cam Lumix LX5 since i didn't wanna carry a DSLR around.

I admire the Japanese girls who was able to withstand the cold and wear mini skirts and bare legs.  I was soo cold that day.

To this day, we still dunno what this box at the station is for.  It kept making birds chirping noises periodically.

Kyoto station

 Back at Kyoto station.  We walked around for awhile to look for a place to have our lunch.

putting our bags beneath our seats at the restaurant

What he ate
What I ate...

Shinkansen tickets
shop selling many giftboxes



More ekibens

And more...

goodies giftboxes

shop selling Ekibens

Yes.  This pot is an Ekiben.  This is a sample showing what's in it.

More ekibens

and more...

We are taking the Hikari 474
By the way...if your train ticket says 13:56, that means the train LEAVES at there early because the trains at Japan are very (VERY) punctual.
Alf's Ekiben

The inside of Shinkansen

Hello Mt Fuji again...

Train staff selling snacks and drinks on a trolley, and a Train ticket conducter.

 Finally arrived back at Shinagawa, Tokyo.

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