Saturday, June 1, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 8 Kawagoe + Omiya + Meguro + View of Tokyo Tower (Part 3)

Day 8: Part 1 / Part 2

Upon returning back to Tokyo, I headed for Fudo-mae station. Because there's a nice little stretch of road with sakura trees near the station.
Near Fudo-mae station

It's just a short walk to Meguro river from Fudo-mae station, so I walked along the river towards Meguro station. It took me about 30mins to stroll from Fudo-mae to Meguro station.

Meguro river

From Meguro station, i took a short train ride to Hamamatsucho station. 
The World Trade Center building is located next to Hamamatsucho station, and there's a nice observatory at that building. Admission fees is 620yen, but since I printed a coupon from, so I managed to get a special rate of 500yen.

Vending machines at the observatory. There are also toilets at the observatory as well.

View of Tokyo


Observatory at World Trade Center.
I spent about 2hrs at this Observatory reading my e-book while waiting for sunset. 
Zozoji Temple near Tokyo Tower. 

Tokyo Tower
Happily snapping away while the sun goes down. 

After leaving the World Trade Center, I went to Ueno in search for some dinner.

Found a yakiniku restaurant at Ueno.

Bought a potato croquette back to hotel room. 100yen.

KFC advertisement with Dragonball theme.

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