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Japan (Mar 2013): Day 8 Kawagoe + Omiya + Meguro + View of Tokyo Tower (Part 2)

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After Kawagoe, I stopped by Omiya to visit the Railway Museum on my way back to Tokyo 
To get to the museum, you have to take a short 2mins ride on New Shuttle Line from Omiya station to Tetsudo Hakubutsukan (Onari) station (180yen).

The Railway Museum's website:

Walking from the JR Omiya station to New Shuttle's Omiya station.
New Shuttle's Omiya station. Taking a short 2mins train ride to the Railway museum

New Shuttle Line's train.

Walkway from Tetsudo Hakubutsukan station to the Railway Museum.

Admission pass. 1000yen for adult. (500yen for children, 200yen for young children)
Railway museum's Entrance Hall
Inside the Railway museum. The turntable will be in operation daily at 12noon and 3pm.
Seating area facing railway tracks where you can watch trains (including Shinkansen) pass by.
The view from the seating area.

1 of the cafe at the Railway museum

Another cafe inside the Railway museum

Train simulators. These are extremely popular and slots for these usually gets filled out pretty fast.

Museum shop selling lots of train related products

Suica penguin

An Ekiben store at the Railway museum selling Ekibens. Ekibens are bento sets people bring to eat onboard long train rides.

Ekibens on sale
There's a stationary train where you can eat the ekiben you bought.


Ok, time to head back. Taking the New Shuttle back to Omiya again.

Saw this Shinkansen themed playground at Railway Museum on my train ride back to Omiya station.

At Omiya station, waiting for train to go back to Tokyo.

To get from Omiya back to Tokyo (Shinjuku), just take either the JR Saikyo line or the JR Shonan-Shinjuku line (450yen, about 35mins journey).

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