Friday, May 24, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 8 Kawagoe + Omiya + Meguro + View of Tokyo Tower (Part 1)

Brief Itinerary:
0749-0848: Minami Senju to Nippori, Nippori to Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro to Kawagoe
0935-0950: Took bus from Kawagoe station to Kawagoe Warehouse District
0950-1030: Explored Kawagoe Warehouse District and Candy Alley
1030-1040: Took bus back to Kawagoe station
1045-1110: Ate ice cream (Baskin Robbins) at a building next to Kawagoe station
1120-1155: Lunch at Kawagoe station
1210-1235: Took train from Kawagoe to Omiya station
1245-1250: Took train from Omiya station to Omiya Railway Museum
1300-1400: Omiya train museum
1413-1510: Took train from Omiya to Ebisu, Ebisu to Meguro, Meguro to Fudo-mae station
1510-1600: Walked from Fudo-mae station, along Meguro river, and then to Meguro station
1605-1617: Took train from Meguro to Hamamatsucho station
1620-1850: View of Tokyo Tower from World Trade Center's Observatory
1910-1925: Took train from Hamamatsucho to Ueno
1930-2040: Had Yakiniku dinner at Ueno
2051-2059: Took train from Ueno to Minami-Senju
2110: Arrive at hotel

610yen: Minami-Senju to Kawagoe
180yen: Bus from Kawago station to Kawagoe Warehouse district
150yen: Sweet from Candy Alley
180yen: Bus from Kawagoe Warehouse district to Kawagoe station
480yen: Baskin Robbins Ice-cream
980yen: Lunch of Katsudon + Curry Udon
300yen: Kawagoe to Omiya station
190yen: Omiya station to Omiya train museum
1000yen: Admission to Omiya train museum
1201yen: Souvenirs from Omiya train museum
190yen: Omiya train museum to Omiya station
660yen: Omiya to Fudo-mae station
160yen: Meguro station to Hamamatsucho station
500yen: Admission to World Trade Center Observatory
160yen: Hamamatsucho station to Ueno station
2880yen: Yakiniku dinner at Ueno
150yen: Ueno station to Minami-Senju station
100yen: Potato croquette
120yen: Ice Cocoa from vending machine

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On this day, I headed for a daytrip to Kawagoe and Omiya in Saitama. From Tokyo, it's about 1hr train ride to Kawagoe. 


Kawagoe station

Had lunch at Kawagoe station. 1050yen for this set which consists of Katsudon and Curry Udon.

After lunch, I headed back to Tokyo.

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