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Japan (Mar 2013): Day 5 Kamakura + Yokohama (Part 2 Yokohama)

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Brief Itinerary:
0700: Breakfast at hotel.
0803-0840: Took train from Tsurumi to Kamakura station, transfer at Ofuna (450yen)
0848-0853: Took train from Kamakura to Hase station (190yen)
0858-0920: Great Buddha
0929-0934: Took train from Hase to Kamakura station (190yen)
0935-0950: Walked from Kamakura station to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
0950-1015: Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
1015-1030: Walked from Tsurigaoka Hachimangu Shrine to Kenchoji Temple
1030-1115: Kenchoji Temple + viewing platform
1120-1125: Bus from Kenchoji to Kita-Kamakura station (170yen)
1125-1133: Missed my bus stop, so had to walk back to Kita Kamakura station.
1142-1214: Took train from Kita Kamakura station to Ishikawacho station, transfer at Ofuna (380yen)
1220: Arrived at Yokohama Chinatown
1300-1330: Lunch at Chinatown
1400-1420: Left Chinatown and took train from Ishikawacho to Shin-Yokohama station, transfer at Higashi Kanagawa station (210yen)
1430-1515: Ramen Museum near Shin-Yokohama station
1529-1547: Shin-Yokohama to Tsurumi station, transfer at Higashi Kanagawa station (210yen)
1550-1610: Bought snacks and early dinner at Tsurumi station to buy back to hotel room.
1620: Arrive back at hotel. (Reason for returning early was because there was a forecast of heavy thunderstorm in the region and the sky was looking extremely dark by this time. And indeed, it started to rain not long after I arrived at the hotel. Tokyo area had something close to a typhoon on this day. Extremely strong winds and rain)

My expenditures:
- 100yen: Bottled water from vending machine at Ofuna station platform
- 450yen: Train from Tsurumi to Kamakura
- 190yen: Train from Kamakura to Hase
- 100yen: Metal plate souvenir from Hase station
- 200yen: Admission fees for Great Buddha
- 190yen: Train from Hase to Kamakura
- 300yen: Admission fees for Kenchoji
- 170yen: Bus ride from Kenchoji to Kita Kamakura station
- 450yen: Train from Kita Kamakura to Ishikawacho station
- 100yen: Bottled water from vending machine at Kita Kamakura station platform
- 1050yen: One Piece handphone strap
- 200yen: 2 packets of keropok (prawn crackers)
- 980yen: Set lunch at Chinatown
- 210yen: Train from Ishikawacho to Shin Yokohama station
- 250yen: Admission fees for Ramen Museum (discounted rate due to coupon)
- 210yen: Train from Shin-Yokohama to Tsurumi station
- 720yen: 1 box of Castella from Tsurumi station
- 60yen: 1 potato croquette from Tsurumi station
- 450yen: Katsudon from Katsu-ya shop near Tsurumi station
- 800yen: Bought advanced tickets to Anime Fair from Lawson's convenience store.
- 264yen: Bought cup noodle and a packet of choc crisp snack from Lawsons

After taking a 30min train ride (transit at Ofuna) from Kamakura, I arrived at Ishikawacho station at Yokohama. This is 1 of the stations that's nearest to Chinatown in Yokohama. 

Arriving at Chinatown.

Yokohama's manhole cover

My fav prawn crackers

There are many cheap set meals at Yokohama. Usually priced between 800yen to 1000yen.

Bought 2 packs of these prawn crackers :)


 There are many shops selling panda themed products.

Look how cute these cookies are!

Had lunch here

My lunch set meal. 980yen. :)

After lunch at Chinatown, I took a train from Ishikawacho station to Shin Yokohama station where the Ramen Museum is located at. This is not to be confused with the other Nissin Ramen Museum that's also in Yokohama but that other one is near Minato Mirai station 

At Shin Yokohama station, take the underpass to exit 7 or 8 (I think) to get to the Ramen Museum.

Cafe next to the Ramen Museum

Shin Yokohama's Ramen Museum. It had already started to drizzle by the time I arrived here, so this is going to be a quick visit before the predicted storm arrives later in the afternoon.

It's time to head back to the hotel at Tsurumi. It's getting more and more windy as the time goes by...
But before heading back, I spotted a Katsu-ya store near Tsurumi station. Since this was recommended to me by Ito-san during our trip to Aizu, so I decided to give this brand a try. It's not bad, cheap and good ! 

Katsudon. 450yen.
 Arrived back at my hotel room around 4:30pm, just before the storm broke out. 
Took a short nap and woke up later in the night, and headed out to a nearby Lawson's to buy cup noodle, and a choc snack, and also not forgetting purchasing my advanced ticket for the Tokyo Anime Fair.

This is nice. 105yen.

Supper time!

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