Saturday, May 18, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 6 Sanrio Puroland (Part 3)

Brief Schedule:
0838-0842: Tsurumi station to Kawasaki station
0844-0914: Kawasaki station to Noborito station
0922-0939: Noborito station to Odakyu Tama Center station
1005-1610: Sanrio Puroland
1621-1707: Keio Tama Center station to Shinjuku station
1715-1750: Dinner at Kani Doraku near Shinjuku station
1801-1822: Shinjuku station to Nippori station
1827-1832: Nippori station to Minami Senju station
1840: Arrival at hotel

My expenditures:
530yen: Tsurumi station to Odakyu Tama Center station
300yen: Bag locker at Odakyu Tama Center station
2700yen: Admission to Sanrio Puroland (with online discount coupon, usual price 3000yen)
1650yen: Lunch (My Melody lunchbox set + fried chicken and chips)
525yen: Cinnamon empty bento box
840yen: 1 My Melody plate + 1 Cinnamon plate
100yen: Bottle of mineral water
330yen : Keio Tama Center station to Shinjuku station
2100yen: Dinner at Kani Doraku (Rice with Kani Karaage)
210yen: Shinjuku station to Minami Senju station
398yen: Katsudon from 7-11
477yen: 1 bottle of water + 1 chips + 1 litre of cocoa drink + a bottle of Aquarius drink from supermarket
20200yen: Total 6 nights accommodation at Palace Japan Hotel (about 3300yen per night)

Sanrio Puroland: Part 1 / Part 2 
Time for the parade performance "Believe". Strongly recommended you catch this performance as it's nice.

Kitty-chan entering the parade from above

Since my fav character is Cinnamon (other than My Melody), so I had to catch Cinnamon & friends' performance before I leave Puroland.

Chiffon's voice artiste for this performance is also the same person who did the voice for Chopper in One Piece and Pikachu in Pokemon. Which is why when Chiffon came out, I thought I heard Chopper's voice.

clap clap...
 After Puroland, I head back to Tokyo and went to Shinjuku's Kani Doraku branch for dinner.

King crab.
 After dinner, I headed to Minami-Senju where I would be staying for the next 6 nights.
3300yen per night. Single private room, shared bathroom.

The common bathroom on every level.

My supper (Katsudon) from 7-11

Box of Castella cake which I bought the day before from Tsurumi station. 700yen.


Cute Pokemon cup ramen advertisement on TV

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