Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 11 Ueno + Zozoji + Ginza + Yanaka (Part 1)

Since it was a Sunday morning, so I decided to just stay in my hotel room for awhile longer to watch the TV. There are many cute/anime commercials during this timeslot.

Also managed to catch the latest One Piece episode on TV

Can you guess which episode is this? :)

Ok, time to head out of the hotel room, since it's my last full day of this trip.
Went to Ueno first (again) since there is a Panda themed cafe which I wanted to try.

Cafe Hibiki, Panda cafe. The Panda is actually an anime character

 There were even more people at Ueno park since it was a Sunday.

Panda vending machine

Many panda products sold at a convenience store located at Ueno Park

Just when I was about to leave Ueno Park, I came across yet another Panda themed cafe.

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