Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Japan (Mar 2013): Day 11 Ueno + Zozoji + Ginza + Yanaka (Part 2)

After Ueno Park, I headed for Zozoji Temple near Tokyo Tower.


After Zozoji, I went to Ginza. 

 Since it was a weekend, so this street was closed to traffic, so that people could stroll along this road.

I sat here for awhile, trying to ease my aching feet.

Spotted some cute snacks at a 7-11.

While walking towards the Tokyo station, I came across this 100% Chocolate cafe. So I had a small cake here.

Tokyo station

Gundam cafe at basement of Tokyo station

Had my dinner at this restaurant at Tokyo station basement.

Really thin katsu with rice

Really thin....

Since there were still some daylight left, and plus I had to transfer train at Nippori anyway, so I had a stroll at the Yanaka Cemetary located just opposite Nippori station. There are really lovely Sakura trees here too.

Yanaka Cemetary

Taking train from Nippori station back to Minami Senju staiton

Minami Senju area

My hotel is the tall dark brown building you see in this pic. You can also see Tokyo Skytree from this street but it's further than it looks.

Some cute snacks

My first time seeing Milo being sold at Japan.

Shared common space + kitchen of the hotel I was staying at.

Hotel corridor for the ladies-only floor.

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