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15 Nov-18 Nov 2013: 4D3N Royal Caribbean Cruise onboard Mariner of the Seas (Day 3 & 4)

Day 3
Woke up late, so we decided to skip breakfast and just hang out at the balcony eating the castella cake I brought from Japan while enjoying sea breeze. 

Media control room.
 Since we skipped breakfast, so we decided to go for an early lunch service at Deck 3 Rhapsody in Blue.
Was glad we made this choice because I enjoyed the food here.
Lunch menu

Mushroom soup

We shared this plate of chicken tenders

My main course, Nasi Goreng. Tender juicy chicken, soft fragrant rice. 

Hubby originally had this dory fish, but since he commented that it was a tad fishy, so the waiter replaced his main course with the yakitori chicken with rice instead. 
The yakitori chicken with rice which my hubby had. He said this is nice.

After lunch, we went back to the room to enjoy the balcony.

We brought all these snacks with us, managed to finish half of these over the 4D3N since we were nearly always full, due to all the good food we ate during the meals.
While I was slacking away in the room, my hubby went to Johnny Rockets for a burger.
Since Johnny Rockets is not a complimentary dining outlet, so he had to pay a flat fee of USD4.95 for his meal there. Meaning, for USD4.95, you can order any food on their menu. 
His comment on the food is that he finds it average. 
Johnny Rockets.

Johnny Rocket menu
What he ordered:

At 8pm, we headed for the Deck 3 Rhapsody in Blue for our dinner. Since it was the last dinner of the cruise so it was a formal night. Guys wore long sleeves and pants (saw some people in jacket and bowtie as well), and ladies wore dresses (or gowns). But I guess it wasn't strictly enforced, because I saw a few people in just shirt and jeans, and they were able to enter. But I guess, dressing up for this evening is part of the fun, so I would recommend just go along with it and enjoy the dinner.

Scallop. Very nice.

Hubby chose escargot, again...

Can't remember what soup this is.

Kung Pao chicken with rice. Not bad, sauce a bit salty though. But overall I liked it.

Salmon with rice for my uncle

We shared this duck dish. Tender and flavourful meat.

So many dishes, shared amongst the 4 of us. We ordered extra plate of scallop and escargot to share since we liked it.
All the waiters performed for us during the dinner service. 
I see our head waiter (Roger) for our table in this pic. He's the one on the right hand side wearing white jacket.
Extremely good service and attitude.
Dessert time...
So many desserts, shared amongst 4 of us. My aunt and I loved the choc ice cream.

Group shot of the 4 of us with Waiter (Onur) and Asst Waiter (Dezmon) who were in charge of our table (table number 300). Both of them, as well as the Head Waiter (Roger, who wasn't in this photo) made our dinner time so much more enjoyable and memorable. 

Erm, lobster?

Day 4 (last day of cruise)
By the time we woke up, the ship have already arrived at Singapore.
Our disembarkation time allocated to my room was around 8:50am, therefore we went to have breakfast at 7am. 

Breakfast spread at the Rhapsody in Blue, not as much selection as Windjammer, but at least it's easier to find seats here and their service level was efficient so we didn't really had to wait for empty seat. 

Disembarkation was actually really fast and efficient because they staggered the disembarkation times so even though our ship was at full capacity during our cruise but yet we didn't really need to queue when we disembarked.  My only complaint is probably that the ship arrive at Singapore too early for me since I am not a morning person.

Overall impression of the 4D3N cruise:
We really enjoyed ourselves on this trip. All of us did. Loved the room (esp balcony), loved the food (Rhapsody in Blue, to be exact) and loved the service.
To be honest, I didn't had too high an expectation before I went on the cruise since I am someone who prefers Asian food and I already knew beforehand that the Asian food selections are somewhat limited on the ship, but I ended up pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed almost all of the meals I had on the cruise.
There were actually many activities onboard which I would have liked to attend, but in the end, the balcony in my room won and I spent most of my time (between meals) slacking at the balcony while reading e-book, and drinking the hot chocolate from the room service.

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